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3 Key Benefits of Data Interoperability in K-12 Education

Interoperability can be simply thought of as the ability of applications to connect and exchange data—even if these applications were developed by different vendors. Having a bi-directional exchange of data across multiple systems is crucial for a school district that wants a holistic view of their students. LEARN MORE

Certify Success Story: Los Angeles Unified School District

By replacing manual data quality reporting and inconsistent processes with an automated, centralized process powered by Certify, Los Angeles Unified School District was able to resolve the data quality issues and save thousands of hours of time across the district LEARN MORE

AB Connect Overview

AB Connect is the tagging, search and discovery system for content interoperability and searchability in websites, applications and platforms. With AB Connect, publishers and curators of instructional and assessment content can align their learning assets to standards and tag them with expertly-chosen search terms. LEARN MORE

Edtech Magazine: Imagine Interoperability

Districts grapple with a proliferation of learning applications, administrative systems and teaching tools. All these apps require – and create – a burgeoning mass of data in separate, disconnected databases. How will the K-12 sector integrate all this data to support interoperability? And how can CIOs avoid reinventing the wheel? LEARN MORE

Data Connect Overview

Districts and edtech vendors are looking for ways to exchange data seamlessly and adopt a scalable and cost-effective data architecture. Certica solves that challenge with Data Connect, the only integration platform fully based on Ed-Fi®. LEARN MORE

Dev Connect: AB Developer Portal

Product managers and developers can check out DEV Connect, our portal resource for AB Connect and other APIs. Dev Connect allows you to request a sandbox account and review the AB Connect documentation. LEARN MORE

Navigate Spanish-Translated Items

To support the needs of English language learners, the Navigate Item Bank includes a robust collection of over 22,000 Spanish-translated items in Math, ELA and Science. LEARN MORE

Navigate Progress Checks Overview

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Progress Checks are ready-to-use assessments in math and ELA allow educators to quickly measure student performance relative to a standard or set of standards. LEARN MORE

Navigate Item Bank Overview

Navigate is a formative assessment item bank that includes over 94,000 expert-designed, standards-based items that measure students’ understanding and provide actionable feedback to educators. LEARN MORE