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Assessment Analytics Reports Overview

Assessment Analytics enable interactive interpretation of CASE Benchmark and classroom assessment data. The reports are flexible, interactive and informative, making it easy to gain valuable insights from the data. LEARN MORE

CASE Item Bank Overview

With over 80,000 items that mirror the standards assessed in Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, the CASE Item Bank helps students practice and prepare for state assessments. LEARN MORE

Navigate Success Story: Majestic Elementary

Navigate Success Story: Majestic Elementary Hear how one Utah elementary school used Navigate to improve student outcomes and become one of the top-performing schools in the district. LEARN MORE

AB Connect Learning Standards

Academic Benchmarks offers digitized standards for more than 255 education authorities, including all 50 states and D.C., national standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards®, Career and Technical Education (CTE), international authorities, ISTE® standards and CollegeBoard AP® Standards. LEARN MORE

AB Connect CTE Support

Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for career readiness through advancing academic and technical skills, knowledge and training. Like so many education courses and programs, rigorous standards are foundational to CTE. AB Connect supports state-specific CTE standards as well as the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC). LEARN MORE

Professional Development Course Catalog

The key factor in improving student performance is the ability to make strategic changes to your instructional practice in response to assessment data. Our professional development team will walk side-by-side with leaders, instructional support staff and teachers to help you identify trends and develop actionable steps. LEARN MORE

Durham Public Schools Benchmark Analysis by Hanover Research

To enhance their assessment system, Durham Public Schools set out to evaluate the extent to which student performance on benchmark assessments were predictive of performance on state assessments. Hanover Research conducted the analysis, and the findings revealed strong and positive correlations exist between CASE Benchmarks and end of grade/course exams. LEARN MORE

Improve Student Outcomes Using Impactful Formative Assessment

Research demonstrates that using feedback from students to guide instruction is one of the most effective classroom practices. This eBook is a valuable guide to help you create an effective formative assessment program. LEARN MORE

Navigate Item Bank Overview: Texas

For Texas educators, over 69,000 Navigate items have been written and/or aligned to Texas-Specific Learning Standards, including Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies and Economics and The standards assessed on the Texas STAAR assessments. LEARN MORE