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The platform of essential technologies to power your education enterprise.

We reduce cost and effort by providing integration and interoperability.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Since 2000, Certica has provided technology solutions to K-12 organizations – to improve performance, make data-driven decisions, and demonstrate compliance.

What We Do

What We Do

Certica provides a unique cloud-based platform which centralizes education assets – data and content – and enables integration, access and enrichment of those assets.

How We Help

Certica allows agencies, vendors and providers to reduce the cost and effort associated with application interoperability, data integration and learning innovation.

Certica Connect

Certica Connect is the EdTech Power Grid.

The Certica Connect Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) includes:

  • The industry’s foremost collection of education standards and metadata, Academic Benchmarks, to enrich your content, making it more accessible and searchable
  • The Ed-Fi® data standard and technology, a next generation data architecture to dramatically improve integration between edtech applications and data
  • Our suite of technology services (APIs and embeddable apps) which significantly reduce application development and support costs through centralized integration, access and enrichment of K-12 data and content


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Far-reaching and high-performing.



Certica’s offerings are used by 800 partners, including education agencies, vendors and providers.



Certica’s content collections are helping more than 4.1 million students learn and demonstrate mastery.



Certica maintains the market-leading collection of 3.9 million learning standards and taxonomy terms.



Certica processes 150 million data records in the Certica Connect platform each day.

The connected community.

Certica supports a diverse network of partners nationwide, including 600 education agencies and over 200 vendors and providers.

Jeffco Public Schools

“Large districts require systemization of their data quality program. Certica enables us to proactively support the change management required to implement and sustain a successful program.”

Curtis Lee

Executive Director, Data Quality & EdTech Support, Jeffco Public Schools

YES Prep Public Schools

“Certica’s Ed-Fi-based solution allows us to adopt best-of-breed education applications and integrate data between them. We can create a seamless experience for our teachers and leadership, and ensure that users have access to complete and accurate longitudinal data.”

Richard Charlesworth

Vice President of Technology and Analytics,
YES Prep Public Schools

Lincoln Learning Solutions

"With Certica’s Navigate Item Bank, we can now assist our clients in creating a more predictive, proactive approach to helping all students reach their potential – which is what every family and every teacher truly wants for their children.”

Bob Clements

President, Lincoln Learning Solutions