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“Using the CASE Item Bank to develop formative assessments along with and in between the CASE Benchmarks has provided our administrators and teachers with timely and precise data to guide instructional decisions.” 

– Greg Paczak, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development, Madison County Schools, Mississippi

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“Our district has seen significant academic gains over the past two years, and our use of the CASE Benchmarks as a tool to gauge student academic progress in core content areas has supported our efforts. We are pleased with the data that it provides in helping to inform core instruction and remediation/enrichment.”

– Rhonda C. Schuhler, Ed.D., Superintendent Franklin County Schools, North Carolina

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“With the help of Videri analytics, we can easily access the data we need to reduce chronic absenteeism. We are determined to help our students develop the skills needed to deal with adversity. If they are not in attendance, they can’t learn—many times they are absent due to trauma or emotional issues.” 

– John Hernandez, Director of Student Services East Central Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas