Whether students take the ACT as a summative test, for graduation readiness, or as a college entrance exam, all students and teachers can benefit from deeper and more comprehensive ACT practice test data. Certica delivers.

CASE College Prep

The CASE College Prep mirrors the ACT but provides more diagnostic information with faster turnaround than any other practice test.

  • Reports are provided to students and schools within 72 hours from the time answer documents are received. Typical ACT turnaround is 3-8 weeks
  • CASE diagnostic reports—with 41 data points, more than triple the number provided by ACT—present student achievement levels from minimum (not college/career ready) to advanced (above college/career ready). Schools also receive reports by subjects for use in PLCs and to improve instruction
  • Students can keep their test documents after they take the CASE College Prep and no questions are ever repeated on tests

The School-Level Report shows student scores on ACT subject areas, so teachers can focus on students’ greatest need.

CASE College Prep Diagnostic Reports

Students determine areas that need focus before taking the ACT.Teachers use reports in PLCs to identify areas that need re-teaching.Teachers use reports to analyze results on specific questions.Principals and teachers view school-level achievement by subject and grade.District administrators can gauge overall district performance.

How we measure success

Highly predictive: The CASE College Prep is a proven practice assessment solution that mirrors the content, time and length of the ACT. Educators receive rich, timely data that is 97% predictive of student performance on the ACT, allowing them to focus on data-driven classroom instruction resulting in student success.



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“Madison County Schools has administered the College and Career Ready Assessment (CASE College Prep) to our juniors the past two Octobers as part of our district’s comprehensive approach to ACT success. This assessment is formatted to look and feel like a real ACT but provides many more data points.”

– Ronnie McGehee, Ph.D., Superintendent, Madison County Schools, MS