At Certica, our mission is to help educators drive student improvement in the most effective and meaningful way.

Despite exciting innovations in student assessment, testing still gets a bad rap. Many believe that students are over-tested. Most summative data only provides a retrospective view, limiting its utility. And classroom assessment data is frequently collected, but rarely used effectively.

At Certica, we’re changing how the K-12 sector regards student improvement. We think about assessment differently. We’ve created a high-impact program of predictive benchmark assessment, rigorous formative assessment and teacher-ready analytics to provide the most immediate, accessible and actionable data for educators to use in the classroom. The result is measurable improvement—for all students.

The Certica edge

Our framework of assessment and analytics is powered by the education sector’s leading platform of education content and interoperability technologies.

  • Precise learning standards alignments
  • Leading-edge test item development
  • Proven predictive scoring
  • Intuitive analytics based on the Ed-Fi® data standard
  • Data leadership coaching led by experienced educators

Measuring our impact


Our products are used in more than 1,500 districts nationwide


We help improve more than 12 million students’ learning experience


CASE Benchmark Assessments are up to 95% predictive of state summative results


200 learning companies rely on our technology to power their products

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