School districts are overwhelmed by the growing volume of data, with limited time to verify accuracy. Certify enables districts to easily detect data errors and discrepancies before they become larger problems.


Certify enables districts to implement a continuous, visible process of data quality improvement.

The daily personalized Data Quality Scorecard displays an inventory of data issues in the user’s area of responsibility with error details. The Data Certification Score allows users to measure their progress.

What can you do with Certify?

Certify helps school districts proactively and continually validate data, prepare for state reporting and automate data reconciliation.

  • Guide data corrections in source systems
  • Ensure funding and compliance, and avoid audits and penalties
  • Improve productivity and educational outcomes ​
  • Allow data owners to take immediate action in resolving errors
  • Measurably improve the quality of district data


How we measure success

Funding retention: Using Certify, Patterson Unified School District found that more than 50% of their students entitled to the Free & Reduced Meal Program were improperly coded, enabling the district to avoid a potential 3-year funding loss totaling $8 million, had the erroneous data been reported to the California Department of Education.



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“Data drives our business, from student achievement to funding to program support. If our data is inaccurate, we are losing opportunities to support our students and the administration. With Certify, we can now maximize our potential for success.”

– Gary Sabia, Program Director, MiSiS Project, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA