With the volume of digital learning content continually expanding, how can content providers enable teachers to find the content they need, quickly and easily? Certica’s content tagging solution provides the answer.

With AB Connect, content providers can efficiently tag their learning assets, including lessons, passages, articles, videos, test questions, and books with expertly-defined education search terms, so content can be more easily searched in learning platforms.

AB Connect

In addition to our Academic Benchmarks repository of digitized learning standards, Certica provides AB Connect: the tagging, search and discovery system for content interoperability and searchability in websites, applications and platforms.


What can you do with AB Connect?

  • Tag content with the most relevant learning standards and education search terms
  • Enrich existing content tags for more targeted search, discovery and recommendation
  • Easily maintain alignments and tags over time, as standards evolve
  • Streamline and accelerate the alignment and tagging process

What’s different about AB Connect?

  • Powerful, AI-based engine powers a highly accurate and efficient recommendation, tagging and alignment process
  • AB Connect taxonomies—concepts, topics and key ideas—provide a common language for describing any type of learning asset
  • Standards relationships allow for complex connection points and linkages between learning standards and expedite alignment of content to multiple states and market segments
  • Machine learning algorithms power the recommendation engine by applying taxonomic classifications to every learning standard. This enables powerful search and discovery by increasing the number of facets linked to a learning asset and by linking facets to one another, resulting in a significantly easier search experience


Need help? We’ve got you covered.

Our alignment specialists have deep expertise with learning standards and education metadata, content tagging, validation of machine learning algorithms, and industry best practices. We offer a range of services to enhance your learning products while reducing development costs and time-to-market.

  • Learning standards management consulting
  • Standards migration
  • Content alignment and tagging services
  • Metadata analysis
  • Taxonomy integration


How We Measure Success

Accuracy and efficiency: The accuracy of alignment with AB Connect’s machine-learning algorithms has been measured at between 92% and 99.98% with subject matter expert guidance, as documented by Glynlyon Odysseyware users. Machine-assisted alignments are executed up to four times faster than manual alignment.


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“Tracking students’ mastery of standards is foundational for our school and district clients, and their learning materials, test questions and student scores are all linked today via AB Connect.” 

– Mick Hewitt, General Manager of MasteryConnect, an Instructure Company