StrongMind Leverages AB Connect to Expand Digital and Hybrid Curriculum Solutions

With students learning in remote and hybrid settings, teachers are looking for ways to meet students’ individual needs. In addition to addressing specific learning styles, personalized learning approaches can mitigate the learning gap caused by disruptions to student learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chandler, Arizona-based StrongMind, provider of digital and hybrid solutions for self-paced learning and progress monitoring, has experienced increased demand from school districts across the U.S. To meet the uptick in demand for high-quality digital curriculum, StrongMind has expanded its use of Certica’s Academic Benchmarks™ AB Connect™ solution to provide efficient and up-to-date learning standards alignment for all U.S. states.

AB Connect features the market-leading collection of digitized learning standards, education search terms and unique identifiers, covering more than 4 million standards from U.S. states and other standards authorities. Edtech companies and K-12 content providers utilize AB Connect to efficiently align learning content such as curricula, interactive exercises, test questions, videos, passages and other resources. AB Connect also enables learning companies to identify gaps in content and enrich learning products to help educators search for content and report on progress by standards.

StrongMind uses AB Connect to align curricular resources, support standards-based reporting to educator partners, and assist in identifying any content gaps in the StrongMind curriculum products. Now, the company can more easily customize reporting for their education partners with expedited turnaround. Karin Jozefowski, Assistant Director, Learning Design and Development with StrongMind. She observes that “prior to expanding our relationship with Certica, report customization could take us weeks. Especially now, when students are interacting with instructional resources in a range of settings, it’s important that curriculum be fully and precisely aligned to state learning standards so that teachers can measure and monitor progress quickly, to aid diverse learners.”

Especially at this time when teachers are seeking a variety of impactful digital resources aligned to state standards, StrongMind’s ability to adapt to new models is making a difference in the lives of teachers and students.