Standards and Assessments | December 15


Iowa Adopts NCAS

Iowa has joined twenty-one other states in adopting the National Core Arts Standards. The NCAS include standards in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and media arts. Learn more


North Dakota Begins Standards Review

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is searching for educators to begin a review of academic standards in the Arts, Science, Health, and Early Learning. No anticipated implementation date has been provided. Learn more ; Learn more here ; Learn more here too


Pennsylvania Considers Computer Science for All Standards

The Pennsylvania governor and the DOE recently recommended that the state Board of Education adopt the Computer Science for All standards. Pennsylvania is one of twenty-four states that allow Computer Science courses to count toward graduation requirements. Learn more ; Learn more here


Tennessee Resumes TNReady Task Force

The Tennessee Education Commissioner is reconvening her task force to correct the issues with the TNReady assessment. The task force will meet through early next summer. After hiring a new assessment vendor last year, 9,400 tests were still scored incorrectly. Learn more


Vermont Adopts ISTE Standards

Vermont has adopted the International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards. No implementation date has been provided. Learn more


Virginia Adopts Computer Science Standards

Virginia has approved new Computer Science standards. Virginia is the first state to make Computer Science standards mandatory and not optional. Learn more 


Wisconsin Adopts New Music, Science, and Information Technology Standards

Wisconsin has approved new standards for Music, Science, and Information Technology. No implementation dates have been provided. Learn more


NGSS Are Popular, Yet Costly to Implement

While the Next Generation Science Standards are popular with teachers, their implementation can require a lot of money above a school’s science supply budget. In order to provide the hands- on learning experience required by the standards, teachers often must purchase supplies out of their own pockets. Some have chosen online grant sites to supplement their expenses. Learn more