Standards and Assessment News | October 15


Florida Seeks Waiver for Accountability System

Florida is seeking a waiver from the US DOE that would give them reprieve from part of the ESSA. The state wants to keep most of its accountability system, which predates the ESSA requirements. In part, the state wants to avoid judging schools based on ELLs or on achievement gaps, and to not give assessments in ELL’s native languages. Activists in the state have protested this request. Learn more


Georgia Plans Participation in Innovative Assessment Pilot

The Georgia State Superintendent has formed a task force to explore options necessary to participate in the ESSA-sponsored Innovative Assessment program. Even if the state is not chosen to participate in the program, the state will offer state DOE funds to districts that wish to experiment with assessment changes. Learn more


Illinois Will Begin Teaching Personal Finance

Beginning this year, Illinois will require students in grades K-12 to learn personal financial literacy. The state’s new standards take effect this year. Learn more


Indiana Chooses New Assessment Vendor to Create ILEARN

Indiana is recommending that the state contract with AIR to create the ILEARN assessment, which will replace ISTEP in 2019. AIR will use the Smarter Balanced item bank to build the assessment. Although the ILEARN would not be a state-specific test, it will cost the state considerably less than if it developed its own assessment. ILEARN will be computer adaptive, and will be given in a single testing window. AIR will also administer IREAD, which is the state’s third grade reading assessment. Learn more


New Mexico Releases Draft of Custom NGSS

New Mexico has released a draft of its custom NGSS science standards, which removes references to evolution, the age of the earth, and human impact on climate change. The state is accepting public comment on the changes. The new standards are expected to go into effect on July 1, 2018. Learn more ; Learn more here ; More here too


Virginia Considers Changes to Graduation Requirement

Virginia is seeking public input on proposed changes to the graduation requirements. The changes begin in elementary school, where a record will be kept of students’ interests and skills. This would lead to a career plan in middle school, and lead to a more specialized high school plan and graduation requirement. The state is accepting comment until October 6. The changes would go into effect in 2018. Learn more


West Virginia Selects SAT as High School Assessment

West Virginia will begin using the SAT as the high school assessment in Spring 2018. The test will be given on paper in 2018 with the option to be given online in later years. Students can submit the scores to up to four colleges or other institutions at no cost. Learn more