Standards and Assessment News | May 1


California Districts Search for Social Emotional Assessment

Several school districts in California are sponsoring a competition to create an assessment model that measures social emotional learning, which would include skills such as perseverance, connectedness, safety, and belonging. Many California schools are increasing their integration of these lessons into academic classes, but face the challenge of how to measure student progress. Learn more


Idaho Debates Science Draft

Idaho is accepting public comments on a new draft of science standards. The comments will go before the BOE in August, followed by a second comment period. The legislature will review the final draft in 2018.  Learn more ; More here


Iowa Fine Arts Draft Open for Public Comment

Drafts of new Iowa Fine Arts standards are available for public comment online until May 12, following public forums April 25-27. These standards are based on the National Core Arts Standards, and cover preschool through twelfth grade. The standards include visual art, theatre, music, dance, and media arts. The new standards are expected to go before the BOE later this year. Learn more


Kansas Begins Review of ELA Standards

Kansas is accepting public feedback on revisions to its ELA College and Career Ready Standards. The public comment period will be open until the end of May. Final adoption is scheduled for Fall 2017. No implementation date has been provided. Learn more


Maryland Limits Student Testing Time

The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill that limits testing time to 2.2% of total classroom time per year, which amounts to 24 hours in elementary school and 26 hours for high school students. Learn more


New Mexico Governor Vetoes NGSS Adoption

Despite receiving unanimous recommendations from groups in 2013 and 2015, the governor of New Mexico has vetoed adoption of NGSS. One reason for the veto is that NM law requires review and update of standards every six years, which may be more difficult after adopting NGSS. Learn more


New York Drops Plans to Raise Cut Scores

New York’s State Education Commissioner has dropped plans to raise the state’s cut scores on the Regents exam by the year 2022. The cut score will stay at 65, instead of moving to 75 or 80 as originally planned. No new date was given for a change in cut scores. Learn more


North Carolina Approves New ELA Standards

The North Carolina Board of Education has approved new state academic standards in ELA, further moving the state away from Common Core. The new standards will be implemented in 2018. Learn more


North Dakota Approves New ELA, Math Standards

The North Dakota State Superintendent has approved new ELA and Math standards, which will be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. Learn more


Rhode Island Replaces PARCC, Adopts MCAS

Rhode Island is replacing the PARCC exam with the MCAS, the exam currently in use in Massachusetts. Rhode Island students in grades 3-8 will take the MCAS, and 10th grade students will take the SAT or PSAT. Learn more


Tennessee Hopes for Better Testing Experience

After widespread technical issues last year, Tennessee hopes the new TNReady exams administered by Questar will have smoothly. Most of the students will take the exams with paper and pencil, so technical issues should be largely eliminated. However, the exams do contain essay items and multiple choice items with more than one correct answer, which are new to the students. Learn more


Tennessee BOE Reviews Social Studies Draft

The Tennessee State BOE is reviewing the new draft Social Studies standards at its April 21 meeting. There may be additional changes to the standards before the Board meets again in July. The new standards are scheduled to be implemented in the 2019-2020 school year. Learn more


Texas Removes “Evaluate” From Biology Standards

The Texas Board of Education has removed the word “evaluate” from high school biology standards. Those in favor of the change stated that teaching students to evaluate would mean increased instruction time in an already tight schedule. The word “evaluate” was replaced by the word “examine.” The prior wording would have allowed students to question evolutionary science. Learn more


Virginia Shortens SOL, Expands Device Options

Virginia has decreased the time its students spend taking the Standards of Learning exams this year. Many of the tests use computer adaptive testing, but contain fewer items than before. The DOE has also expanded the options for taking the test to include touch screen devices, allowing students to use devices they have used in the classroom all year. Learn more


Wyoming Begins Math Standards Review Process

Wyoming is forming a committee to begin reviewing the state’s math standards. The committee will meet during the summer of 2017 to propose changes to the standards. There is also a public survey online regarding the current standards. The earliest possible implementation date for the new standards is fall 2018. Learn more


Achieve Publishes Implementation Guides for NGSS

Achieve is now providing guidelines for districts implementing NGSS. The guidelines include thirteen implementation indicators designed to improve the implementation process for districts. The indicators include professional development for teachers, as well as discussions with the community. Achieve created these guidelines based on feedback from early adopters. Learn more ; More here