Standards and Assessment News | April 15


Alaska Testing Begins Well After Last Year’s Issues

After canceling nearly all assessments last year, Alaska’s assessments have started without any major issues. Data Recognition Corp is administering the PEAKS exam this year, and districts were given the option of taking the exams online or with paper and pencil. Learn more


Connecticut Removes Test Scores from Teacher Evaluations

The Connecticut Board of Education voted to prohibit the use of state test scores in teacher evaluations. However, since student progress is part of the evaluations, districts must now choose from other, non-state exams. Critics are concerned that state exams are used in setting goals, but are now unable to be used in measuring progress toward those goals. Learn more


Florida Bill Would Revise Career Standards

A bill being considered by a Florida Department of Education committee would require a review of the state’s standards for Career Education programs. If it passes, the bill would be effective July 1, 2017. Learn more


Florida Testing Bill Passes Senate Committee

A bill reducing Florida’s assessments has passed the Senate Education Committee. The bill passed without many of the testing reductions originally proposed. As it stands, the bill allows districts to use paper and pencil exams, and removes some end of course exams. Learn more


Indiana Senate Passes Bill to Replace ISTEP

The Indiana Senate Education Committee passed a bill that laid out requirements to replace ISTEP, the state’s current assessment with a new test called ILEARN. The new test would be implemented in 2019. The bill requires high school students take a college entrance exam, and requires Indiana to create tests that allow its students to be compared with those in other states. The bill also proposes changes to the current rules regarding teacher evaluations. The Senate and the House will now need to agree on a final version to go to the governor. Learn more ; More here ; More here too


Kansas Reports Testing Issues

The Kansas DOE confirms that the state has experienced a slowdown in testing, causing some schools to stop testing altogether. The University of Kansas group that administers the test is installing software enhancements, and has recommended that districts stagger their testing times to lighten the load. The issues appear to be with the testing platform. Learn more


Kentucky State Congress Passes Common Core Repeal

Kentucky has passed a bill that would repeal Common Core and require state educators to create new standards. The bill now goes to the governor for signature. Learn more


Massachusetts Adopts New ELA and Math Standards

Massachusetts has adopted new ELA and Math standards, which will be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. The new standards will be assessed on the MCAS in the spring of 2018. The state is emphasizing that these standards are unique to Massachusetts. Learn more ; More Here


North Carolina Bill Would Repeal Common Core

A bill in the North Carolina House would officially repeal Common Core, and would require adoption of the 2007 Minnesota Math standards and an ELA document from the University of Arkansas. Changes could be made to both documents to fit North Carolina. The bill is currently in the House Education K-12 Committee for consideration. Learn more


North Dakota Adopts New ELA, Math Standards

North Dakota has adopted new ELA and Math standards, which will be effective beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. Learn more


Tennessee Committee Adds Civics to Social Studies Draft

The Tennessee Social Studies review committee has added language incorporating civics into the Social Studies draft standards. The changes have been made in the high school Government course. Learn more


West Virginia Senate Approves Assessment Plan

The West Virginia Senate passed a plan to replace SBAC with a new assessment. The bill stipulates that the new assessments do not have to be produced by ACT, and could come from multiple vendors. Learn more ; More here


Wyoming Begins Math Standards Review

Wyoming is putting together a committee to review its Math standards. According to state law, standards must be reviewed every nine years. The DOE is accepting public comment on the current standards until June, when the committee meets for the first time. Learn more


States Address Opt-Out Movement

Nine states and DC have submitted their ESSA plans, which include how they plan to address the opt-out movement. Schools are required to have 95 percent participation in statewide exams. Learn more