Multiple districts cite the strong correlation between CASE Benchmark Assessment scores and their students’ achievement on summative tests.

Proven impact

Using the CASE Benchmarks, educators benefit from valuable data to help guide instructional interventions and adjustments. This data, combined with targeted formative assessment throughout the course of the school year, create the foundation for measurable improvement.


What researchers say

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“Strong and positive correlations exist between the benchmark assessments and the EOC exams for all three subjects, and all correlations are statistically significant at the 99 percent confidence level.”

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“When examining students in different demographic and academic subgroups, we observe positive and significant correlations between the benchmark assessments and EOC exams.”

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“When segmenting the analyses by student subgroups (e.g., by gender, race/ethnicity, Limited English Proficiency, school, etc.), we still find that the benchmark assessment and EOC assessment within each subject are positively and significantly correlated.”

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“In terms of achievement levels (ranging from 1 to 5), the majority of students perform at the same or a similar level in a given subject on both the benchmark and EOC exams.”

How we measure success

Increased Achievement: Teachers at Hamilton County Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee, use the CASE Benchmark Assessments to prepare for the TNReady state assessment. Improvement between 2018 summative scores and 2019 end-of-year Benchmark scores showed:

  • 18% more students on track for third-grade Math
  • 20% more students on track in U.S. History
  • 31% more students on track for Algebra 1

In the summer of 2019, Hamilton received accolades for their achievements, including 25% of schools earning “5s” in all subjects.



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“We do have limited resources, but we have this data set, and thanks to this data, our resources have been deployed strategically.”

– Justin Robertson, Chief of Schools, Hamilton County Public Schools, Chattanooga, TN