Education organizations are grappling with a proliferation of disconnected applications and non-integrated databases. Educators are lacking access to high-quality data, ease-of-use is suffering, and vendor support costs are considerable. Too often, a major new system implementation can throw an organization into tumult.

School districts, state education agencies and charter organizations are looking for better ways to integrate applications and data, and have learned that synchronization between data systems is not sustainable. Initial, first generation data warehouses and dashboards aren’t providing an adequate enterprise foundation to serve a growing need for high-quality data.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Next Generation Data Architecture

Certica provides comprehensive, hands-on services to help you plan your Next Generation Data Architecture, including:

  • Current-State Assessment and Requirements Definition
  • Data Maturity and Readiness Assessment
  • Design and Implementation
Ed-Fi Implementation Services

Ed-Fi Implementation Services for  State Education Agencies

Keen insight into organizational opportunities combined with next generation design provide the ingredients for a successful implementation. Certica applies lean manufacturing principles to build quality into an Ed-Fi data solution from the beginning, and to make it sustainable throughout its life cycle. Certica provides a range of Ed-Fi data and technology implementation services, from API and ODS to a data warehouse and dashboards, to suit the unique needs of an organization.

Data Governance

Data Governance Plan and Implementation

Ensuring that an organization manages data as a strategic asset is key to a district’s success. Many districts are implementing enterprise data governance initiatives to ensure the integrity, relevance, timeliness and privacy of district data. Certica can provide an extensive current-state analysis to a school district, and partners with the district on the design, education and implementation of a comprehensive data governance plan.

Introducing Data Connect

Beginning in the fall of 2017, Certica will provide Data Connect™ – a fully hosted, managed and supported operational data store (ODS) to support real-time data integration and application interoperability.

Data Connect will be based on the Ed-Fi suite of open-source technology, which includes:

  • A comprehensive education data model;
  • A persistent ODS which centralizes data from district applications; and
  • An API which enables bi-directional movement of data between API-integrated applications and the ODS.


Ed-Fi is developed, supported and made available to the education sector by the Ed-Fi Alliance, a subsidiary of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

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Assess, Plan & Execute

Learn how education organizations have planned and implemented comprehensive, sustainable, integrated data architecture, with expertise and guidance provided by Ed-Fi pioneers.

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“Certica has deep experience in education data architecture and data management solutions, and their Next Generation Data Architecture approach aligns with our organizational and learning vision."

– Richard Charlesworth, Vice President of Technology and Analytics, YES Prep Public Schools

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