Districts need robust assessment programs that reflect students’ needs and are aligned to learning standards. Many assessment teams want to develop customized, innovative assessment programs that include: item bank and assessment creation, collaborative workflow and review processes, and assessment content ownership and control.

Now, districts have ItemLogic®—the item banking and assessment system used by leading K-12 assessment publishers. With ItemLogic, district assessment teams can create, curate and manage items, assessments and content from multiple sources—all in one place.


Creating district item banks just got easier.

ItemLogic offers an efficient way to create, manage and deploy local assessment programs.

Content Authoring

Create assessment content using a simple, intuitive authoring editor and test blueprints. Numerous item types can create dynamic and engaging content for your students.

Content Management

Item creation workflows foster collaboration and multi-level team engagement. Review and approvals are easy, including star ratings, thumbs-up/down tags and commenting.

Content Delivery

Quick and easy content delivery to your assessment platform ensures you maintain control and management of your content.

ItemLogic Overview

ItemLogic offers an efficient and scalable way to create and manage item banks and assessment content

  • Support for 30+ item question types, including interactive items, rubrics, and multipart item configurations
  • Simple item creation interface and content blueprints for item and assessment development
  • Audit trail of content development and revisions, including versioning control.
  • Support for embeddable content, including multimedia like video
  • Ability to easily align content to learning standards and tag with education metadata
  • Intuitive, faceted item search
  • Delivery capabilities that ensure content is packaged and rendered exactly as it was intended
  • Summary dashboards that provide insight into your content collections

Manage Assessment Content

ItemLogic is a central place to create and manage item banks and assessments. Manage and store everything in one place including: metadata, standards alignments, passages, video and audio.

Revise Content with Ease

Left an important variable out of a math formula — 100 times? ItemLogic has tools to fix widespread mistakes in seconds. When revising content, every iteration is stored to assist in professional development activities, or perhaps to revert to a previous version that has better performance with students.

Easy Transfer

Administer tests and deliver assessments via your district assessment platform. It’s easy to share your banks and tests with your assessment applications and you maintain control of your content.

Insightful Analytics

Capture feedback directly from students by viewing actual responses alongside items to evaluate item performance and gain valuable insights from data. Reports highlight gaps in standards and content coverage, helping you determine where to direct item and assessment creation efforts.

Intuitive workflows that allow you to focus valuable resources on content, not complexity.

With the unique workflow features of ItemLogic, item and assessment development is organized and simplified. Content is moved from concept to assessment effortlessly with collaboration and multi-level team engagement.

  • Project teams can be created and assigned specific content goals.
  • District leadership and subject matter experts can define blueprints to kick off development activities.
  • Team members can be automatically included at the appropriate development stage.
  • Item and test authors can collaborate easily, with a streamlined multi-level review and approval process that includes real-time feedback though commenting and tagging.
  • Audit trails are kept for all content development, so you know who approved what, and when.

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