The Certica Connect platform-as-a-service is the foundation for K-12 organizations to achieve application interoperability through data integration, leverage of IT investments and learning content – realizing cost reduction, efficiency and sustainability.

Districts and education agencies lack integration. Applications don’t talk to one another. Educators aren’t getting the information they need and suffer from the problem of non-integrated environments and a glut of non-connected vendor applications. Agencies’ data systems and applications are difficult to implement and costly to support.

At the same time, for K-12 vendors and providers, the costs of product expansion and support can divert companies from their core missions.

K-12 Platform-as-a-Service

Certica Connect is the only cloud-based platform which enables edtech vendors, content providers, LEAs and SEAs to integrate, access and enrich education data, learning and assessment content, and standards metadata. Certica Connect establishes a centralized service for organizations to utilize a range of services such as test management, content search and data integration.

With Certica Connect, agencies can make better data-driven decisions, leverage learning assets and optimize resources. And edtech providers can more easily expand, offer value-added products and provide vendor-supported interoperability.

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Powering the education enterprise.

Certica Connect is a cloud-based platform of enabling technologies which supports integration, access and enrichment of data, content and metadata

Certica Connect

Integrate, access, enrich

Certica Connect provides technology services which allow education organizations, technology vendors and content providers to achieve full application interoperability.

  • Application vendors can expand product offerings, lower development costs and talk to complementary apps more seamlessly.
  • Education organizations can integrate data from disparate data systems, create sustainable enterprise data architecture and benefit from vendor-supported interoperability.
  • Educators and content providers can enrich, link and search content via the broadest and deepest collection of education and standards metadata.

Reduce costs and enable interoperability.

Certica Connect provides a platform of cloud-based APIs which enable applications to more seamlessly interact; leverage content, data and metadata; and provide cost-effective alternatives to application and infrastructure development.

Rules Connect

Business Rule Connect enables application vendors, school districts and state education agencies to easily apply business rule validations and compliance checks to data. Data is automatically validated and monitored, and can be compared to data in related databases, to verify consistency. A key element in any data governance or data quality program, Business Rule Connect enables a streamlined process for continuous quality improvement.

  • Easy Interface for Business Rule Configuration
  • Automated Notification of Data Issues
  • Flexible Querying for Complex and Multi-Database Rules

State Education

State Connect provides the technology, architecture and infrastructure for data system vendors, school districts and state education agencies to develop data collection, data validation and reporting systems – in a highly secure and streamlined manner. State Connect leverages the Ed-Fi® data standard and technology in the Certica Connect platform, and proven technology for data acquisition and continuous data validation. Capabilities include:

  • High-performance Data Acquisition
  • Automated and Continuous Data Validation
  • Management of Extract-Transfer-Load Processes

Data Connect

Data Connect enables complete management of K-12 data. Leveraging a unified K-12 data model based on the Ed-Fi® data standard, Data Connect provides maximum flexibility in accessing and sharing K-12 data in a secure and high performance manner. Data Connect reduces or removes the burden associated with the management and synchronization of fragmented K-12 data sets, providing data integration and application interoperability between best-of-breed applications. Capabilities include:

  • Unified K-12 Data Model, Based on the Ed-Fi Data Standard
  • Data Acquisition and Normalization
  • Data On-Demand

Academic Benchmarks

AB Connect allows for access and management of standards metadata, enriching content to be easily searched, discovered, recommended and analyzed. AB Connect centralizes content metadata, taxonomies and standards into a unified metadata model. AB Connect supports standards-based metadata enrichment of content as an integral part of the content development workflow. Capabilities include:

  • Unified Metadata Model and AB GUID (Benchmark Profile)
  • Standards & Taxonomy Management
  • Standards & Taxonomy Search and Navigation
  • Content Alignment and Enrichment
  • Content Search, Discovery & Recommendation


ViewPoint Connect provides flexible analytics and reporting for a range of student, assessment and classroom data. Based on the Ed-Fi® data dashboards, Insight Connect can be embedded into any application and offers predictive analytics and actionable insights. Capabilities include:

  • Student & Teacher Data Analytics
  • Longitudinal Reporting
  • Cohort Reporting
  • Item-level and Standard-level Statistics

Test Connect

Test Connect simplifies the process of test creation, management, administration and scoring. Its range of test creation capabilities can be embedded into any application. Test Connect provides portability of tests between applications and reduces the application development costs associated with building and maintaining assessment infrastructure. Capabilities include:

  • Test Creation & Management
  • Test Search
  • Test Player
  • Test Scoring

Item Connect

Item Connect enables assessment item capabilities to be embedded into any application. Item Connect provides real-time access to item content and reduces the application development costs associated with building and maintaining assessment item infrastructure. Item Connect supports integration of complex items, including technology-enhanced items (TEIs), and allows for item search, play and scoring. Capabilities include:

  • Item Authoring
  • Item Alignment & Enrichment
  • Item Search
  • Item Player
  • Item Scoring

Everyone benefits.

School districts, state education agencies, content providers and edtech vendors all benefit from the Certica Connect platform. The benefits of data integration and application interoperability extend from the school district front office, to the IT department, to the classroom.

Students Win Education Agencies Win Vendors & Providers Win
Enables personalized learning Choose best-of-breed applications Lowers cost for new development
Expands online learning opportunities Meet changing practices in teaching Focuses efforts on innovation and value
Outcomes can be measured Better use of data in the classroom Leverage platform security and privacy
Education driven by competencies Eliminates time wasted with interoperability Complement other vendors’ installed base

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