Learnosity provides Academic Benchmarks digitized learning standards and GUIDs in its suite of assessment tools.

April 2019—Learnosity will provide functionality within its assessment tools to allow joint edtech customers to use Academic Benchmarks standards and GUIDs in the Learnosity components embedded in their applications, so assessment content can be more easily aligned and searched by learning standards. Read more.

Widely adopted in the education industry, the extensive coverage and deep granularity of AB Connect learning standards and search terms support highly enriched content

Comprehensive Metadata Repository

Learning Standards Management

AB Connect includes the Academic Benchmarks repository of 4 million learning standards. Certica reviews, digitizes and curates standards; once captured, each standard is deconstructed to the most granular ideas and enriched with metadata, including a unique identifier − the AB GUID − which has enabled significant content interoperability in education.

Connected Technology

Alignment and Tagging Recommendation

AB Connect features a powerful AI-based engine which provides machine assistance to make content tagging and alignment highly efficient. The machine-assisted accuracy of AB Connect has been measured to be over 92% on a machine-only basis and as high as 99.98% with subject matter expert involvement. Machine-assisted alignments are executed up to four times faster than manual alignment.


Subject Matter Expertise

Our specialists have deep expertise with learning standards and education metadata, content tagging and alignment, validation of machine learning algorithms, technology services and industry best practices to help enhance client products and expand their market reach, while reducing development costs and time-to-market.

AB Connect Overview

AB Connect enables content publishers and applications providers to:

  • Tag content with an extensive collection of learning standards and education search terms
  • Enrich existing metadata for more targeted search, discovery and recommendation
  • Reach new K-12 market segments and geographies
  • Gain efficiency and accuracy in standard alignment
  • Power search and discovery of content in platforms, websites and applications
  • Interoperate with content and technology partners

Technology that powers accurate and efficient content tagging, search, discovery and recommendation

AB Connect allows technology providers to enable highly efficient content search and discovery in their websites, applications and platforms, and integrate multiple types and sources of content. APIs and application user interfaces provide extensive functionality that enables access to and management of learning standards, AB GUIDs and relevant data connections, as well as the following capabilities:

  • Learning standard alignment and content tagging
  • AI-based recommendation engine based on a series of filters and machine learning algorithms that determines the most relevant standards and tags
  • Access to tagged and aligned content and real-time data retrieval
  • Content search, discovery & recommendation capabilities that can be embedded into any application
  • Embeddable UI-based Learning Standards Browser
  • Change management and coverage reports that show educational assets that are not aligned to certain standards

Standards Relationships

More than just libraries of standards, AB Connect also includes standards relationships, which allow for complex connection points and linkages between standards. Standards relationships allow providers to leverage existing standards alignments and expedite alignment of content to multiple states and market segments.

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies

The AB Connect taxonomies − concepts, topics and key ideas − provide a common language for describing any type of learning asset, including lessons, passages, articles, videos, test questions and books. The AB Connect AI-based engine powers a highly accurate and efficient recommendation, tagging and alignment process. Machine learning algorithms — coupled with subject matter expert validation — apply taxonomic classifications to every learning standard, enabling powerful search and discovery by not only increasing the number of facets linked to an asset, but also linking facets to one another.

LEAs & SEAs: Manage your learning standards for free

Standards Connect allows standards developers and instructional specialists to easily author, manage and publish machine-readable learning standards while leveraging the established Academic Benchmarks repository of industry-adopted learning standards and unique identifier.

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“With AB Connect, Nearpod provides highly accurate 50-state alignments for our growing library of over 6,000 lessons, in a manner that permits us to update those alignments as the learning standards evolve.”

- Adam Franklin, Learning Experience Designer at Nearpod

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