Certica Solutions Launches CertifySIRS to Aid New York School Districts

Hosted Data Certification Service Helps Districts Improve Data and State Reporting

WAKEFIELD, Mass., April 28, 2011 – Certica Solutions today announced the launch of CertifySIRS™ as a hosted data certification service designed to assist New York State school districts with their state data reporting. CertifySIRS is based on Certica Solutions’ Certify™ K-12 data certification software, used by more than 125 districts nationwide. CertifySIRS provides districts with the ability to improve the process of accurately reporting data to the New York State Education Department (NYSED), thereby allowing districts to dramatically improve productivity while attaining appropriate levels of state and federal funding and demonstrating compliance with state policies.

CertifySIRS helps districts certify the data that is reported to NYSED through Level 0, which is the first level of the NYSED’s data collection system known as the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). Increasingly, districts are challenged by the task of validating and correcting the data reported to NYSED, which takes time and resources away from important educational and administrative tasks. Certica Solutions has designed CertifySIRS to help district and school staff validate and monitor data directly from their student information and special education systems with a highly automated, continuous approach.

CertifySIRS runs a nightly battery of hundreds of data certification rules against a district’s administrative systems to check for data that is incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise expected to compromise a Level 0 data submission. The data certification rules used in CertifySIRS have been authored and tested jointly by Certica Solutions and four Regional Information Centers in New York and are based entirely on the NYSED Level 0 data validations. On a daily basis, district and school personnel can review online Data Certification Scorecards™, which provide details on data issues requiring attention, and prescriptions to assist users in resolving those issues. CertifySIRS eliminates the need for manual application-specific error reports, giving school and district personnel an easy way of reviewing problems with their data. CertifySIRS provides districts with:

A daily inventory of data issues that need to be addressed in student information and special education systems;

Identification of any gaps or weaknesses in their state reporting process or administrative systems;

Increased accountability for data quality ownership among schools and district departments by providing data quality metrics; and

A significant reduction in the time spent reviewing, reconciling and correcting data errors.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer, “Certica has been fortunate to work with four New York State Regional Information Centers over the last three years, helping nearly 75 school districts improve their data quality and state reporting processes. We are excited to now be offering CertifySIRS on a hosted basis directly to individual districts in other regions of the state, and believe that CertifySIRS will similarly enable these districts to save time and assure funding and accountability.”

More information is available at www.CertifySIRS.com.

About Certica Solutions, Inc.
Certica Solutions provides compliance and accountability solutions for the K-12 education system. The company’s data certification software, called Certify™, enables education agencies to maximize funding, optimize regulatory reporting, and ensure compliance with education policies and mandates. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its customers numerous school districts and educational service agencies nationwide.

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