Certica Solutions Introduces CertifyCALPADS to Aid California School Districts

Data Certification Service Improves Districts’ Compliance with New Statewide Data Collection System

WAKEFIELD, Mass., September 30, 2009 – Certica Solutions today announced the introduction of CertifyCALPADS™, a web-based data certification service designed for California school districts. California districts are in the process of transitioning their mandatory state reporting to a new statewide data collection system, called the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System, or CALPADS. CertifyCALPADS is a hosted service based on Certica Solutions’ existing Certify™ K-12 data certification software, which is already used by many districts in California and across the nation.

The California Department of Education (CDE) will begin collecting student data from districts through CALPADS late this fall. For many districts, readying their data and information systems to conform with the CALPADS requirements has been a challenge, and with budget cuts and reporting requirements evolving over the summer, some districts are unsure whether their student data will meet the CDE standards.

Certica Solutions has designed CertifyCALPADS to help schools and districts identify and quantify problems in their data at any point during the year. CertifyCALPADS’ online Data Certification Scorecards™ are available to school and district personnel on a daily basis, providing them with:

A comprehensive and detailed certification of data required by CALPADS;

A daily inventory of data issues that need to be addressed in student information systems or other administrative systems;

A high level of confidence in their ability to submit complete and accurate data to CALPADS;

Identification of any gaps or weaknesses in their state reporting process or information systems; and

A reduction in the time spent reviewing, reconciling and correcting data errors.

CertifyCALPADS runs a nightly battery of hundreds of data certification rules against a district’s CALPADS submission files, checking for a range of data errors based on the CALPADS requirements. The CertifyCALPADS data certification rules have been configured and tested jointly by Certica Solutions and California school districts, and are updated when the CALPADS requirements change. CertifyCALPADS eliminates the need for special error reporting and manual verification, giving school personnel an easy way of reviewing issues and problems with student data.

“We are hearing from California districts – both large and small – that the move to CALPADS is burdensome and stressful, in terms of the staff time required to validate and reconcile data issues, especially in light of district budget cuts; and the concern about whether CALPADS data submission files will be ready on time,” said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer. “CertifyCALPADS gives districts a way to get immediate, daily feedback about the completeness and accuracy of their data, so they can shorten the cycle of data review and reconciliation, and be ready well in advance of CALPADS submission deadlines. CertifyCALPADS is available every day, all year long, so districts can be continuously assured of their compliance with CDE standards.”

More information is available at www.CertifyCALPADS.com.

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