Certica Solutions Continues its Growth in Texas with the Addition of Three New District Customers

Humble ISD, Lamar CISD and San Antonio ISD Turn to Certica’s Data Certification Solution to Improve Their Data Quality

WAKEFIELD, Mass., February 16, 2010 – Certica Solutions today announced that Humble Independent School District, Lamar Consolidated Independent School District and San Antonio Independent School District have recently selected Certica’s data certification software, called Certify™, to monitor and improve the quality of district data they report to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) throughout the year, as well as non-reportable district data used for analysis and decision making.

Certify helps K-12 districts to validate, monitor and report data to meet a range of state and federal reporting requirements and compliance mandates. Using Certify, districts maintain the accuracy and completeness of district data on a daily, year-round basis, not just at state data submission time. This, in turn, helps to spread the data management workload over time and make high levels of data quality easy to sustain. This process, known as “data certification,” significantly reduces the time and effort spent on data validation and correction during submission periods and gives school personnel more responsibility for data quality.

Districts in Texas must demonstrate their compliance with TEA standards through periodic data reporting mandates such as the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), which is used to gauge progress and accountability, and combined with student assessment data, forms the basis for the state’s Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS), which evaluates school district performance and program effectiveness. Districts must also comply with the requirements of the Texas Records Exchange (TREx), an electronic system that exchanges student transcripts between districts. Certify is leveraged at Texas user districts to improve district processes by reducing the amount of time staff spend validating and correcting data for these submissions, reducing their reliance on TEA for data validation during narrow submission time periods, and all but eliminating the need for error correction after the initial submission process. With Certify, district certification processes are automated and pro-active; and, in turn, help to ensure accountability, maximize funding, and reduce the time and labor costs associated with data management.

Certify also generates compliance alerts by identifying patterns, exceptions and inconsistencies in district data. These alerts – or early warnings – give districts a chance to perform interventions, make policy changes, or otherwise remedy situations that may be putting the district at risk of non-compliance. Texas districts have used compliance alerts with both discipline and special education data, and have created early warnings for attendance and credit deficiencies, factors associated with students who are at risk of dropping out.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer, “our Texas user districts have applied the data certification process to so many different areas within their districts, from state reporting to compliance alerts to early warnings, that the use of Certify to improve their data can be seen district-wide. With the addition of our three newest customers – Humble ISD, Lamar CISD, and San Antonio ISD – we expect our Texas user community to continue to find new and innovative ways to apply Certify to their district processes and data-driven decision making.”

Humble ISD and Lamar CISD are both districts in the Houston area, with enrollments of 35,000 and 24,000 students, respectively. San Antonio ISD serves 55,000 students in approximately 90 schools. All three districts have commenced, and plan to complete their Certify implementations in the coming few months.

With the growing number of Texas Certify users, Certica Solutions provides an inventory of hundreds of pre-configured data validation rules for PEIMS reporting, and other data certification modules that focus on particular compliance areas such as attendance, discipline, course history, special education, PBMAS and sub-population performance.

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