Certica Solutions Accelerated Growth in 2011 with the Launch of a Hosted Data Validation Service

Introduction of Hosted Service Spurs District Adoption Nationwide

WAKEFIELD, Mass., January 19, 2012 – Certica Solutions, a leading provider of P-12 education performance management solutions, today announced it is continuing to broaden its presence among school districts nationwide. Certica attributes a significant portion of its 2011 growth to the introduction of the hosted offering of Certify™, Certica’s data certification solution.

Certify is Certica’s hosted data certification service, which provides districts with a simple, cost-effective solution to automatically validate and monitor data on a daily basis – a process that Certica calls “data certification.” Certify is designed to assist districts with the quality of their data by running a battery of data validation rules against a district’s administrative systems to check for data that is incomplete or inaccurate.

After a number of years of successful on-premises deployments of Certify, Certica’s initial introduction of a hosted Certify service was to California districts in 2009, when districts were transitioning to a new mandatory statewide data collection system, called CALPADS. With over 20 new districts signing up for the service by June 2011, Certica decided to expand the hosted service to a national market. With that expansion, Certica introduced the Certify Rule Library™, which is a collection of data validation rules that have been gathered from school district implementations of Certify nationwide. The Certify Rule Library was introduced to not only help districts with state reporting and compliance, but also to validate a broader set of data in various subject areas, including student demographics, enrollment, special programs, discipline and attendance. The rules represent the most widely used, high impact data validations applied to data in district information systems.

Certica has gained significant momentum with the number of new district customers adopting the hosted Certify service in the second half of 2011. Certica is pleased to welcome over 25 new hosted customers from a range of states including California, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. Feedback from new customers confirm their confidence that the automated, streamlined data validation process that Certify and the Certify Rule Library provide will not only ensure district data is complete and accurate, but also give school staff the capability they need to take ownership for data accuracy, while giving district staff a way to measure and track data quality issues and trends over time.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and CEO, “With the ever increasing demand for accurate regulatory reporting, coupled with the decreasing amount of district time and resources available to spend on data quality, Certica realized that a hosted service would be an automated and cost-effective way for districts to validate and monitor their data, without putting the burden on a district to maintain their own validation rules. With Certify and the Certify Rule Library, districts can institutionalize a district-wide proactive process that increases productivity and improves district data quality, without impacting the workload of district technology staff.”

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Certica Solutions provides performance management solutions to P-12 school districts, giving administrators and educators the ability to easily analyze, track and improve performance through better use of student, school and teacher data. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its users over 500 school districts, charter schools and private schools, as well as a number of educational service agencies nationwide.

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