Certica Connect Update

Certica’s cloud-based platform of best-of-breed technology services – Certica Connect – solves myriad challenges for education agencies and K-12 providers. Certica Connect enables organizations to address challenges created by the inconsistent deployment and inefficient integration of data, instructional and assessment content, and descriptive education metadata for that content.

The Certica team continuously enhances the Certica Connect platform, bringing new and expanded technology services into the platform. Here are some highlights.

AB Connect™: the AB Connect service enables the access and management of standards-based metadata, facilitating the creation of smart content for search, discovery, recommendation and analytics. Recent enhancements include:

  • Search performance improvements for all resource endpoints (complex metadata searches across large data sets now occur in less than 400 ms)
  • Support for Genre as a new discipline for ELA assets and standards, for finer level search and recommendations
  • Licensing to support partner needs for metadata flexibility
  • Improved search faceting (added sequence data to relevant fields to aid sorting of facets)
  • Support for additional character encoding: UTF-8 (default); ISO-8859-1; LATIN-1 and WINDOWS-1252


Item Connect™: The Item Connect service enables assessment item capabilities such as authoring, searching, online rendering and scoring to be embedded into any assessment platform or application, allowing real-time access to assessment items. New enhancements include:

  • Improvements in high-availability architecture with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment
  • Ability to search items not only by standard, but also by Academic Benchmarks Topic, when Item Connect is used in conjunction with AB connect
  • Additional security of assessment content with data at rest encryption
  • Added support for more flexible custom control styling