California School Districts Team with Certica Solutions to Ease CALPADS Reporting

Proven Data Certification Solution Gives Districts Immediate, Online Feedback About Data Quality

WAKEFIELD, Mass., March 15, 2010 – Certica Solutions today announced that it is continuing to broaden its presence in California, prompted by school districts’ need to comply with the new, statewide student data collection system, called the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System, or CALPADS. Districts which have recently adopted Certica Solutions’ data certification capability include Anaheim Union High, Hemet Unified, Morongo Unified, and South San Francisco Unified.

Certica Solutions’ software, called Certify™, gives districts the ability to quickly and pro-actively gauge their readiness to submit complete and accurate data to CALPADS, and reduce the time required to review and correct data errors in their student systems. Certify provides daily, personalized, online Data Certification Scorecards to authorized district and school personnel, so they can easily review, research, and correct data errors. Certify runs a nightly battery of data certification rules – called an “Observation” – which align with the CALPADS data specifications. The rules check for a range of data errors, and are maintained and updated by Certica, as the CALPADS specifications change over time.

School districts which have adopted Certica’s approach to data certification have eliminated the need for application edits and error reports, and have reduced the time required to support the data correction and reporting process. Further, school districts using Certify can ensure that they are neither under-reporting nor over-reporting the needs of their schools, and are able to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of state and federal education agencies. Certica offers similar state reporting data certification capabilities in Florida, New York and Texas.

California user districts utilize the CALPADS certification rules in Certify to simplify and streamline the data clean-up process instead of relying solely on the error reporting provided by the CALPADS data collection system. With Certify, email notifications automatically alert district and school staff when data issues are identified, and then recipients can login to view their personalized Scorecard, reducing the likelihood that private student data will be circulated via email. Schools and districts are also provided with descriptive guidance about the rules, called “Prescriptions,” which aid in the resolution of data problems.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer, “we’re delighted to be partnering with these California districts to ensure that their CALPADS submission data is of the highest quality. New state data reporting systems typically present an initial set of challenges for districts, but districts also require a longer term strategy for data quality, data governance and accountability. We are pleased to mitigate these initial challenges, but also provide districts with the means for institutionalizing a pro-active, automated data certification process.” Anaheim Union High, in Orange County, serves over 35,000 students in 24 schools. Hemet Unified and Morongo Unified, both in Southern California, have 23,000 and 10,000 students, respectively. South San Francisco Unified has 10,000 students.

About Certica Solutions, Inc.
Certica Solutions provides compliance and accountability solutions for the K-12 education system. The company’s data certification software, called Certify™, enables education agencies to maximize funding, optimize regulatory reporting, and ensure compliance with education policies and mandates. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its customers several state departments of education, educational service agencies, and numerous school districts nationwide.

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