Using Data in an Actionable Way to Transform Instruction

The leadership team at Greenville County Public Schools, the largest school district in South Carolina, has set an aggressive goal. Currently ranked 14th out of 84 South Carolina districts in academic achievement, Greenville County Schools (GCS) plans to rank in the top 5 schools in the state in the next five years. Actionable use of data is a major part of their plan to achieve this goal.

District leadership noticed that while the teachers had access to a large amount of student data, not all of the available data was useful in the classroom. In response to this, they created the Grenville County Schools Assessment System which consists of three components:

  • CASE Benchmarks™ delivered in the core-4 subjects every nine weeks;
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) created formative assessments using CASE Item Bank; and
  • An assessment platform used to deliver the CASE Benchmarks, analyze assessment data and create local assessments using item banks.

Data from the GGS assessment system is used at the district and school level to identify gaps in student achievement and plan real-time adjustment to professional development, curriculum, student intervention groups, and instruction.

“After every benchmark, we look for the areas across the district that are the weakest and then make changes to professional development and curriculum in real time.” — Jeff McCoy, Assistant Superintendent at Greenville County Schools

We invited Jeff McCoy, Assistant Superintendent at Greenville County Schools, to share more about how Greenville Public Schools achieves double-digit growth scores on the state summative test during a session at InstructureCon. Watch a recording of the presentation to more about this successful assessment program.

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