The Center for Data Quality Becomes Certica Solutions

Data Certification Provider Changes Name and Relocates Headquarters

WAKEFIELD, Mass., March 5, 2007 – The Center for Data Quality, a leading provider of data certification solutions, today announced that the company is changing its name to Certica Solutions. The company also announced that it has relocated its headquarters from Leesburg, Virginia, to Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer, commented that the new name reflects the company’s focus on data certification. “Increasingly, organizations need the ability to identify, monitor and report on a wide range of data errors that can compromise systems integration, erode confidence in business performance metrics, and prevent timely and accurate regulatory reporting. We chose the name “Certica Solutions” to emphasize our strength in data certification, wherein an organization pro-actively and definitively identifies data errors, reports a detailed inventory of errors to data suppliers and other business stakeholders, and monitors the level of errors over time.” Certify™, the company’s rules-based, inline data validation software, is used by customers to certify the quality of data in critical business applications and multi-party data supply chains.

Rankovic, who joined the company in October 2006, has tripled the number of employees at the company’s new headquarters location, which is fifteen miles northwest of Boston. The increase in staff, in conjunction with the company’s name and location change, has been timed to coincide with Certica Solutions’ push into new business and application areas, which leverage the successful data certification initiatives the company has achieved with its customers. Certica Solutions will continue to maintain a presence in the Washington, D.C., area, where the company’s government solutions business is based.

About Certica Solutions
Certica Solutions, formerly The Center for Data Quality, is a leading provider of data certification solutions, helping corporate and government organizations address specific business challenges with a structured, systematic approach to identifying, reporting and monitoring data quality issues. Certica’s business-specific solutions, based on the company’s Certify™ software, enable organizations to identify costly data errors and omissions, comply confidently with regulatory requirements, improve data in a shortened time period, and certify their data suppliers’ data.

Press Contact
Sarah Bassett
Certica Solutions