Standards and Assessment News | March 1

A group of Missouri superintendents have formed a partnership aimed at improving testing programs. Idaho and Ohio approve science standards. Follow us on Twitter @CommonCorner for more education news.

Standards and Assessment News | February 15

States consider assessment changes as Mississippi debates replacing end of course assessments with ACT and Illinois considers leaving PARCC. Colorado considers adopting customized NGSS.

Selecting the Right Reading Passage for Your Next Assessment

You have just completed a month’s worth of lessons, and now it’s time to measure your students’ progress. When crafting your formative assessment, how will you select the right reading passages to ensure your assessment effectively measures mastery?

Standards and Assessment News | February 1

Computer Science Education makes news this month as the Governors’ Partnership for Computer Science Education expands membership and multiple states begin development and take steps towards approval of computer science standards. Students in Mississippi and New York are affected by a data breach at Questar.

Standards and Assessment News | January 15

In this edition, South Carolina and Wyoming make changes to Social Studies Standards and Wisconsin joins the list of states requiring personal finance education. Looking for more education news? Follow us on Twitter @CommonCorner.

Standards and Assessment News | January 1

We track education news across the country, in the first edition of 2018, we are following changes to assessment programs in Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas. Kentucky solicits additional feedback on proposed ELA and math standards. Follow us on Twitter @CommonCorner for daily education news. 

Standards and Assessments | December 15

We close out 2017 offering briefs about standard review and adoption in several states including IA, ND, PA, VT, VA and WI. EdSource reports on the popularity and costs to implement Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Standards and Assessment News | December 1

In this week’s news, Colorado and Kentucky continue to solicit public commentary on proposed standards and Iowa approves Fine Arts standards. Invoking ESSA, some North Dakota districts opt for ACT instead of the state assessment this school year.