Standards and Assessment News | February 15

Standards and Assessment News | February  

Certica continuously monitors education news from a variety of sources related to learning standards and student assessments across the country. Beginning with this blog post, we’ll provide periodic installments of the news items we’re collecting. For our partners whose products and services rely on up-to-date information about legislative changes and education trends, we hope this post can be a valuable resource. Feel free to drop us a line: Contact Us


California to Administer Pilot Test Against US DOE Ruling

Despite a US DOE ruling against it, California is planning to administer a pilot test for the NGSS this year. They are not planning to give the old science assessment. Learn More


Florida Group Plans Push to Repeal Common Core

A group of education advocacy groups called Common Ground is pushing to fully repeal Common Core beginning in March of this year. The CCSS opponents do not think the changes to the standards made by Florida in 2014 were enough. The group also wants to replace AIR as the state’s assessment vendor.           Learn More


Idaho Panel Approves Science Draft

An Idaho House panel has approved a draft of new Science standards after removing references to climate change. The standards are scheduled to be reviewed again in 2018. Learn More


Indiana Assessment Passes Committee

Indiana is one step closer to replacing the ISTEP assessment with a new ILEARN test. The ILEARN would be another test developed by Indiana alone, and would be implemented in 2019. The test would be given once per year, and high school students would return to end-of-course exams. Learn More


Iowa Bill Would Repeal NGSS

A bill in the Iowa House of Representatives would repeal the 2015 adoption of NGSS and halt implementation of the standards. Two similar bills have died in committees before reaching a vote.  Learn  More


Iowa House Considers Prohibiting SBAC, PARCC

A bill in the Iowa House of Representatives would require that all Iowa statewide assessments be developed within the state and using a consortium. SBAC assessments have already been put on hold by a previous bill. Learn More


New Mexico Bill Would Limit Testing Days

A bill introduced in the New Mexico House would limit the number of days that students can spend in standardized testing to five days per semester. Learn More


North Carolina Revising Math, ELA Standards

North Carolina SBOE is revising the state’s K-8 math standards and K-12 ELA standards. No implementation date has been provided. Learn More; More Here, Too


Texas Science Draft Reinstates Critical Thinking of Scientific Theories

A draft of new Science standards is available for public comment. This draft has reinstated the previously removed language allowing for scrutiny of all scientific theories, including evolution. A final vote on the draft is expected in April 2017. Learn More


Wisconsin ACT Does Not Meet Federal Requirements

The ACT high school assessments used by Wisconsin do not fully meet federal requirements, as stated in a letter from the US DOE. The letter requires Wisconsin to provide additional information on setting cut scores, alignment with Wisconsin standards, and how the ACT exams are scored. The state has 30 days to develop a timeline for when they will provide this information. Learn More


PARCC Releases High School Items

PARCC has released 50 high school items from its 2015-2016 tests, which join the 1,300 items already released from last year. The new items are multiple choice and open-ended response, and are available in PDF format. Learn More