Standards and Assessment News | November 15


Delaware Developing NGSS Assessments

Delaware educators are working on assessments to measure NGSS mastery. The first phase consisted of developing test items, and the second phase includes helping to design an online assessment system. Learn more


New Mexico to Adopt NGSS With Fewer Proposed Customizations

The New Mexico Public Education Department announced that it plans to adopt NGSS without the previously proposed controversial customizations. However, the state will add six custom standards to the NGSS. A draft is expected in November, with adoption in July, 2018. Full implementation will occur in 2019, and assessment is likely to wait until 2020. The standards will be called the New Mexico STEM-Ready Science Standards. Learn more ; Learn more here


Tennessee Legislators Call for Delay on Assessments in Accountability

Some Tennessee legislators are asking for a three year delay on using TNReady scores in teacher evaluations. This request comes after more issues surfaced in the latest round of TNReady assessments. Although the state changed vendors this year, different problems have surfaced. Learn more


Utah Begins Review of Science Standards

The Utah Board of Education voted to begin review of their Science standards, potentially using NGSS as a guide. The state experienced controversy over an early draft of new middle school Science standards in 2015 because of the inclusion of evolution and climate change. Learn more ; Learn more here


Wyoming Considers Replacement Option for Math, Science Courses
A committee of the Wyoming State Legislature is considering a change that would allow students to substitute a computer science course for a math or science course. Learn more


Financial Literacy Standards Increasing
Forty-five states plus DC now have personal financial literacy standards, and seventeen states plus DC require a high school course on financial literacy. Financial literacy is often included in math, economics, or life skills classes. Learn more