Standards and Assessment News | November 1


Colorado Seeks Feedback for Standards Revision

Colorado is requesting public feedback on revisions of the Colorado Academic Standards in all content areas. Proposed changes and opportunities for feedback can be found on the state’s web site. Learn more


Illinois New Graduation Requirements Cause Concern

Illinois is now using a single exam, the SAT, to determine if students are meeting high school standards in ELA and Math. However, the state’s minimum score is higher than the SAT’s score to be considered college ready. This discrepancy is causing concern among parents and school leaders. Learn more


New Mexico Will Reverse Proposed Changes to Science Standards

After a lot of criticism, New Mexico is planning to revise the science draft standards, restoring topics such as evolution, global warming, and the age of the Earth. However, concerns still remain about other missing topics, and about the fact that the draft is based on only the performance expectations of the NGSS and not the entire standards set. Learn more


Oklahoma Contracts with Measured Progress

Oklahoma is continuing its work with Measured Progress with a new six year contract to provide assessments in ELA, Math, and Science. Learn more


Tennessee Assessments Scored Incorrectly

The Tennessee Department of Education has reported that approximately 9,400 TNReady assessments were scored incorrectly, affecting thirty-three school districts. The state is looking into all exams given last spring. Questar has put additional steps into their scoring process to correct the issue. Some teacher assessment scores also now need to be recalculated. Learn more


Utah Selects Questar for New Assessment

Utah will be replacing its Sage assessment with a new exam built by Questar Assessment. The new assessment will be computer adaptive, and will begin next year. The Sage exam was provided by AIR, although Utah will still own the bank of items used in Sage. The new assessment will cover ELA and Math in grades 3-8, and Science in grades five and eight. Questar’s contract runs through 2023-2024.  Learn more


West Virginia Will Use AIR for Assessment in Grades 3-8

West Virginia has contracted with the American Institutes of Research (AIR). The AIR exam will replace SBAC, and will be taken online. AIR will also provide a Science exam for grades five and eight. Teachers and district officials should be able to access results within twelve days of the student assessment’s completion. Learn more


Wyoming Revises Social Studies Standards

Wyoming is revising its Social Studies standards to include Native American History. The review is in the committee stage now, following a public comment period. A draft is expected to be sent to the State Board of Education in early 2018. Learn more