Standards and Assessment News | March 15


Arizona Begins Social Studies Standards Revision

A work group is beginning work on revision of the state’s Social Studies standards. One of the group’s tasks is to consider whether to integrate the C3 Framework into the new standards. No dates for implementation have been provided. Learn More


Letter Grades in Arizona Schools Could Depend on Test Results Again

Despite a push to make school grades less dependent on AZMerit scores, a new school accountability program could make the grades even more dependent. The state has until the end of April to adopt a new school accountability program. The current proposal makes nearly 90% of the school grade dependent, in some form, on its AZMerit Scores. The school board votes at its April 24 meeting. Learn More


Florida Court Overrules Opt-Out Ruling

A Florida appeals court has overruled an earlier decision that allowed third graders who opted out of the FSA to still be promoted to the fourth grade. The original ruling allowed the schools to consider a portfolio of work from the students instead of the FSA scores. Learn More


Idaho Senate Committee Approves Science Draft

The Idaho Senate Education Committee has approved a draft of new Science standards that does not include any references to climate change. The final standards must be approved in 2018. Learn More


Iowa Senate Approves Requirement for New Statewide Assessment

The Iowa State Senate approved a bill that would require the state to find a new assessment. The bill comes on the heels of a notice from the US DOE stating that Iowa’s current assessment does not meet federal requirements, putting the state’s federal funding in jeopardy. The bill states that Iowa must issue an RFP by April 30, and implement the new assessment in the 2018-2019 school year. Learn More


Kentucky Bill Would Repeal Common Core

A bill that would repeal and replace Common Core has passed the Kentucky Senate and has now moved on to the House. The bill would require new standards to be developed before the Common Core could be repealed. Learn More


Louisiana Approves New Science Standards

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has approved new Science standards. The new standards have significantly fewer standards per grade than the state’s previous standards. Although they looked at the NGSS and other state’s Science standards, these standards were written by Louisiana educators. The new standards will take effect in the 2018-2019 school year, with next year serving as a transition year for training and field testing. The assessments will be assessed beginning in the spring of 2019Learn More; More Here


South Carolina Announces Assessment Changes

South Carolina is making changes to its statewide assessment program. All assessments will be taken online beginning this school year, and the assessment scores will include a Lexile score in ELA and a quantile score in Math at some schools. Learn More


Texas Releases Drafts for Public Comment

Texas has released drafts of ELA, Health, Science, Languages Other Than English, and Spanish Language Arts for public comment. The earliest adoption date for any of these would be April, 2017. Learn More


West Virginia Bill Would Change Assessments

A bill in the West Virginia Senate would make the ACT and ACT Aspire the statewide assessment beginning in 2017. This bill would eliminate SBAC as the state’s comprehensive test. An amendment to the bill would also require that the state sick to the ACT and ACT Aspire for at least four years. Learn More


Using Play as Assessment Prep

Play can be used as a successful tool to prepare for standardized assessments. Methods such as playing with stems, flipping the question, quiz shows, and disputing the question can be useful. Learn More


Smarter Balanced Searches for Partner on Hybrid Test

Smarter Balanced has requested proposals from companies like ACT and The College Board to create a test that could provide students with both a SBAC score and a college entrance score after one assessment. The new test would not replace the existing SBAC assessment, but would instead be a new offering. SBAC expects to select a winning proposal by May of this year. Learn More