Standards and Assessment News | June 1


Alabama May Replace ACT Aspire

The Alabama State Superintendent is asking that the state find a new assessment as early as next year. This request comes after the federal DOE asked the state to prove that ACT Aspire aligns with the state’s standards. The state has until July 1 to inform ACT if it plans to renew its contract.

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Florida Education Bill Will Change Testing Requirements

Florida House and Senate have passed a multi-faceted education bill that, among other changes, will start moving away from online testing. The bill will also make the start date for state assessments later in the school year, and determine whether a national test can be used instead of the state assessment in high school. The bill now moves to the governor’s desk for signature.

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Idaho Begins Pilot of New Assessment

A review committee has released revised versions of five standards that were rejected from Idaho’s recent science standards draft. These five standards will go to the BOE in August, and to the state legislature in January 2018.

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Iowa Fine Arts Standards Draft Available for Public Comment

The Iowa DOE has provided a draft of new Fine Arts standards for public comment. Public feedback will be provided to the DOE in May, with final recommendations sent to the State Board of Education in the fall. Iowa is currently the only state without Fine Arts standards.

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Iowa Adopts New Social Studies Standards

The Iowa DOE has adopted new Social Studies standards. No implementation or assessment dates have been provided.

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New Iowa Law Requires Development of Computer Science

An Iowa DOE work group is beginning to develop Computer Science standards. A new law requires that the state has Computer Science standards and a certification for teachers who teach to those standards. A draft is expected by November 1, 2017.

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Kentucky Begins Standards Review

Kentucky announced that it is beginning the review process for its standards in ELA, Math, PE, Health, Career Studies, and Computer Science. The Kentucky DOE is gathering input on the proposed standards until September 15, when advisory panels will begin making recommendations

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Nebraska Move to Computer-Adaptive Testing

The Nebraska State Board of Education voted unanimously to use computer-adaptive testing in grades 3-8 in ELA, Math, and Science beginning next year. The new assessment contract was awarded to NWEA.

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Nebraska Unveils Science Standards Draft

Nebraska has announced a draft of new Science standards that are based on the NGSS. The DOE will open these for public comment in the future, with a final adoption expected in September.

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New York Releases Second Draft of ELA, Math Standards            

In an ongoing effort to replace Common Core, New York has released a new draft of its ELA and Math standards. Both drafts are open for a second public comment period until June 2, with a final vote expected in June.

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South Dakota Adopts New CTE Standards

South Dakota has adopted new career and technical standards in six career clusters. The state is continuing to work on revisions to five additional career clusters.

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Tennessee Will Require Additional State History

The Tennessee House and Senate both passed bills that will require students to have a semester of state history. The House version of the bill does not specify when or how the semester will be taught, while the Senate version requires that the semester be taught between grades four and eight. This bill comes as the state is revising its Social Studies standards.

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Virginia DOE Receives Grant to Create Performance-Based Assessments

A $1.1 million grant will support the Virginia DOE in its effort to create performance-based assessments for elementary students. The grant includes technical assistance and training for teachers. One of the goals of the new assessments is to reduce the number of assessments that students take each year.

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