Standards and Assessment News | December 1


Colorado Requests Public Feedback on Standards Drafts

The Colorado Department of Education is requesting public feedback on drafts of all subjects of the state’s Content Standards. This request includes a draft of the state’s new Computer Science standards. Feedback will be accepted until November 27, 2017. Learn more ; Learn more here


Indiana Considers New Assessment, Graduation Requirements

In the wake of the ISTEP+ graduation exam’s exit, the Indiana Graduation Pathways Panel is proposing the use of the SAT or ACT in place of end of course exams, beginning with the class of 2023. Students not passing these exams could still graduate by other means. The Board of Education will vote on the recommendation in December, with legislative approval expected in 2018. Learn more


Kentucky Requests Feedback on Health, PE Standards

Kentucky is requesting feedback on drafts of Health and PE standards until December 6, 2017. No anticipated adoption or implementation dates have been provided. Learn more


Kentucky Requests Feedback on Bible Literacy Standards

The Kentucky Department of Education is requesting public feedback on a draft of Bible Literacy standards. These standards are part of a requirement by state law to create additional, specific Social Studies elective courses. The draft is available for feedback until December 10, 2017. Learn more


Some North Dakota Schools Take ACT Instead of State Assessments

Some districts in North Dakota are substituting the ACT for the North Dakota assessments. This flexibility on a district by district basis is authorized under ESSA. Learn more


States Retain Most of Common Core Despite Revision Process

A review of twenty-four states showed that, although they have revised Common Core since its adoption, most have left the primary features of the standards intact. Learn more