Standards and Assessment News | March 1


Idaho Working Toward New Science Standards

An Idaho House Committee voted to adopt new Science standards, removing one section on climate change. A Senate Committee voted to adopt the new standards including the section that the House Committee removed. Learn more ; Learn more here ; Learn more here too


Illinois to Offer Preliminary College Entrance Exams

Beginning in 2019, Illinois will offer preliminary college entrance exams to ninth- and tenth-grade students. Eleventh-grade students will still take a free college entrance exam as well. Both ACT and The College Board have submitted proposals for the exams. Learn more


Missouri Superintendents Want Assessment Changes

A group of superintendents in Missouri have joined a group called the Missouri Assessment Partnership to work toward shorter testing times and interim testing multiple times per school year. Learn more


Ohio Approves New Science Standards Without Proposed Amendment

The Ohio Board of Education adopted a new set of Science standards in February 2018. A member of the Board proposed to amend the standards by adding a content statement about evolution and intelligent design, but that amendment did not pass. Learn more


Utah Requests Waiver for Year-End Assessments

Utah’s ESSA plan includes a request to not count students who opt out of year-end assessments as zero scores for accountability purposes. Learn more


Wyoming Senate Committee Approves Computer Science Requirement

The Wyoming Senate Education Committee approved a bill that would require schools to provide all students with Computer Science courses. The bill now moves to the full Senate for debate. If passed, schools would have five years to put a program in place. Learn more


Few States Providing Timely Assessment Results

Although the move to online assessment promised faster results, few states are providing results before the school year ends. ESSA requires that states provide results to both teachers and principals, but few are providing all results to both. Learn more


Illinois Leaving PARCC, New Jersey May Be Next

Illinois has approved the process of replacing the PARCC exam, leaving only three states plus DC that are using the original PARCC assessment, although several states are using PARCC items combined with other assessment items. New Jersey is also considering moving away from PARCC. Learn more