Standards and Assessment News | January 1


 Indiana Governor Supports New Graduation Requirements

The new graduation requirements approved by the State Board of Education have the support of Indiana’s governor. Although the State Superintendent of Public Instruction opposed the new requirements, the requirements will go before the state legislature in January. They would become effective with the graduating class of 2023. Learn more


 Ohio Bill Could Change Assessments, Evaluations

A bill in the Ohio Senate would change some of the state education requirements, including making online assessments optional in elementary grades in favor of paper versions, eliminate kindergarten readiness assessments, and changing the weight of assessments in teacher evaluations. The Ohio Education Association opposes the bill, but several districts are in favor of it. Learn more


South Carolina Social Studies Draft Will Include Holocaust

Although missing from a recent draft, the final version of the new South Carolina Social Studies standards will contain the word “Holocaust.” The Board of Education is scheduled to consider a final draft in September, with the standards taking effect in 2020. Learn more


 Tennessee Fall Assessment Successful

The Fall 2017 TNReady assessment window has been deemed a success, following two years of issues. All high school students took the test online. Students in grades five through eight could take the test using the online platform or the paper version. Learn more


Performance Assessments Will Be Part of Virginia Accreditation

The Virginia Board of Education recently approved new standards of accreditation, which will include measuring student progress through performance assessments. Schools will also have to show participation in CTE programs, English proficiency growth among ELLs, and reduced absenteeism and dropout rates. Learn more


Wisconsin Now Requires Personal Finance Education

The Wisconsin Governor recently signed a new law requiring public school districts to adopt and incorporate Personal Finance standards in grades K-12. Learn more


Wyoming Incorporates American Indian Culture into Standards

In response to a mandate to include American Indian culture in its standards, Wyoming educators and tribal leaders met last month to revise the state’s Social Studies standards. In January, the group plans to look at the Government and Geography standards. Learn more