Alabama CASE Assessment

Based on the Alabama Course of Study Standards and designed using the ACAP Assessment blueprints, the CASE Assessments are rigorous, predictive benchmarks that measure students’ learning and academic progress. Certica’s unique approach to test construction results in proven correlations between assessment scores and students’ achievement on state summative tests.

CASE Assessments are highly regarded for their rigor, quality, and learning standards alignment. CASE Assessments identify what students know—and what they can do—and provide educators with actionable data to inform instruction.

Meet Daryl Scoggin, Ed.D.

Daryl Scoggin, Ed.D., joins Certica following a 40-year career as an education leader. He is the former Superintendent of Tate County School District (MS) where he placed significant emphasis on data-driven instruction and a former principal at St. James Parish Schools (LA) and several other districts. Dr. Scoggin has first-hand experience with the impact CASE Assessments have on measurable student improvement and is looking forward to assisting Alabama school districts with their assessment programs this year.


Alabama CASE Assessment Brochure