Too often, national benchmarks test only a generic set of skills, and don’t focus on mastery of standards-based instruction. CASE Benchmark Assessments mirror state assessments and provide actionable data to guide instruction.

Assessment analytics enable teachers to review student performance on benchmark assessments at a granular level, so they can identify gaps quickly and guide interventions.

CASE Benchmark Assessments

Our CASE Benchmark Assessments follow states’ assessment blueprints, so measurements are highly correlated with summative outcomes, and are customized to match each district’s scope and sequence. The result is highly actionable classroom data that reflects your students’ mastery of state learning standards.

What’s different about the CASE Benchmark Assessments?

  • Administered every nine weeks and reflect the standards that students have learned, so strengths and learning gaps can be easily identified
  • Items are written and aligned to the state standards
  • Mirror the state summative blueprints, to produce high correlations with state summative scores
  • Developed by experienced educators and curriculum experts in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies
  • Can be customized to follow each district’s scope and sequence for maximal relevance to students’ learning
  • Provide scaled scores and reports within 72 hours after assessments are administered, so teachers can use data in the classroom, apply interventions, and adjust instruction

Gain valuable insights from CASE Benchmark and formative assessment data with CASE Benchmark Assessment analytics.


Districts point to the connection between CASE Benchmark Assessments and student improvement on summative tests.


How we measure success

Academic proficiency: Since using the CASE Benchmark Assessments, Ocean Springs School District in Mississippi has seen a minimum 10% increase each year in the number of students scoring “Proficient” and “Advanced” on the Mississippi state assessment.



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“The Certica CASE Benchmarks have helped to align the continuous improvement work for Oak Ridge Schools in a way that allows us to maintain forward movement during the most difficult times.  Thank you and your team for great solutions!”

– Kelly M. Williams, Ed.D., Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Oak Ridge, TN


State Availability

In 2020-21, the CASE Benchmark Assessments are available in:


ACT Practice

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