Shifting a Statewide Assessment Program to a Student-Centered Approach

In support of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), state education agencies are focused on student-centered education initiatives. In Nebraska, the vision of the State Board of Education is to provide a more balanced, student-centered system of assessment. To support this vision, NDE has created the Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System, which helps educators utilize a variety of assessments, including:

  • Formative assessments, which are formal and informal processes and tools used during instruction to check for student understanding and adjust teaching and learning accordingly.
  • Interim assessments, which are given periodically (typically fall/winter/spring) to help educators measure academic growth and identify student learning needs.

Summative assessments, which measure student performance against Nebraska’s content area standards. Nebraska’s new computer-adaptive NSCAS Summative for grades 3 – 8 and the NSCAS ACT for all high school juniors, are statewide summative assessments.

In partnership with NWEA, Certica provides Nebraska educators and school districts with resources and capabilities to support the formative assessment process, including:

  • Formative assessment content, including Certica’s Navigate Item Bank™ and the integration of Check 4 Learning items, authored by Nebraska educators.
  • The ability to create and administer formative assessments.
  • Reports of formative assessment results to review scores and track student progress.
  • Access to ItemLogic®, Certica’s assessment content management system, which enables Nebraska educators to add to their collection of formative assessment items.

A recent report from KNOP News, provides an overview of the new system and the efforts underway by North Platte Public Schools.

Formative assessment is a critical component of student-centered learning, and Certica is committed to continuing to provide formative assessment resources to educators nationwide.