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Navigate NextGen Science Checks

Designed to instigate the use of reasoning and assess mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards®, Certica’s NextGen Science Checks are ready-to-use assessments that reflect the new ways students are learning science.


Top 20 Ways to Use Videri

Higher teacher productivity. Deeper insights to guide interventions. Better student outcomes. The big picture benefits of Videri are clear, but how does the solution improve everyday tasks? Here are the top 20 ways you can use it in your school district.

Data Connect Overview

Districts and edtech vendors are looking for ways to exchange data seamlessly and adopt a scalable and cost-effective data architecture. Certica solves that challenge with Data Connect, the only integration platform fully based on Ed-Fi®.

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Navigate Spanish-Translated Items

To support the needs of English language learners, the Navigate Item Bank includes a robust collection of over 22,000 Spanish-translated items in Math, ELA and Science.

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Navigate Progress Checks Overview

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Progress Checks are ready-to-use assessments in math and ELA allow educators to quickly measure student performance relative to a standard or set of standards.