Educators want more useful information from district data. Your district captures data about students, assessments, teachers and funding – but how much of that data is helpful? How much is usable? Are you getting the full picture of each student? Where should you make changes or interventions?

Videri is the analytics solution that makes it easy for districts to put the right information in the hands of teachers, administrators and parents.

The Power is in the Data

Videri integrates the data you need to give you rich and flexible analytics without leaving important information behind.

Hundreds of “out-of-the box” dashboards and charts make it easy for any district to get started

Dynamic watchlists combining important student data, so teachers and counselors can act quickly

Filter, categorize, drill down and explore your data—to get the information that you really need

Experience Videri

Notifications of watchlists with student history

Assessments by grade level, gender, program, subject and ethnicity

Students’ expected growth levels
by program type

Behavior trends across

The First Education Analytics Solution Powered by Ed-Fi

Videri is the only analytics solution fully powered by the Ed-Fi® data standards and technologies. Districts can integrate data from student information systems, multiple assessments including state assessments, and information stored in special ed systems, behavior management systems, gradebooks and even classroom teaching tools all via the Ed-Fi hub-and-spoke integration and interoperability model.


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