Standards Connect is the learning standards management solution specifically designed for state education agencies. Standards Connect allows standards developers and instructional specialists to easily author, manage and publish machine-readable learning standards while leveraging the established Academic Benchmarks™ repository of industry-adopted learning standards and unique identifier.

Standards Connect is based on the MIT-licensed OpenSALT competency management platform, integrated with Certica’s existing and mature standards management infrastructure and connections to more than 200 prominent content providers and edtech vendors.

States can leverage the highly-adopted system of machine-readable learning standards – today.

No Cost for States

Standards Connect Standard Edition is licensed to state education agencies at no cost for implementation or ongoing maintenance. The Professional Edition bundle, which includes the Public Commenting Application, is available to SEAs at a modest cost.

Leverage the Ecosystem

Learning standards created with Standards Connect can be leveraged immediately by the extensive ecosystem of prominent edtech vendors and learning content providers which use the Academic Benchmarks machine-readable standards today.

Influence the Roadmap

Standards Connect is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software product – not a custom implementation. Enhancements to Standards Connect are crowd sourced by Certica, and managed and released with a structured, visible product roadmap.

Standards Connect

  • Is immediately available for use by state standards developers and instructional specialists
  • Is a turnkey solution developed with mature technology components
  • Is fully hosted and supported by Certica, a company with a demonstrated track record of defining, releasing and supporting workflow-oriented software products for the K-12 market
  • Will be continually enhanced as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software product with a roadmap driven by SEA requirements; and
  • Can be leveraged immediately by the extensive ecosystem of edtech vendors and learning content providers which use Academic Benchmarks today.

We have your state’s standards already – here’s your starting point.

  • Certica captures, digitizes and organizes four million standards for all U.S. states, for both Core-4 and non-core subjects. These machine-readable standards are ready for you in Standards Connect today with unique standards identifiers called AB GUIDs.
  • You can use Standards Connect as your starting point for updates and ongoing maintenance of standards (since we have them already), or you can plan your next standards development effort in Standards Connect. Contact us and we’ll show you how.

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