To support the needs of English language learners, the Navigate Item Bank includes Math, Science, and English Language Arts (ELA) items that have been translated into Spanish. The items have been translated from existing English content and total over 22,500 items and more than 394 reading passages.

  • ELA: 6,800+ in K-12
  • Math: 9,500+ in K-12
  • Science: 6,100+ in grades 3-8


The Spanish items in the Item Bank are dynamic: if an update is made to an English item that has been translated to Spanish, the Spanish version is updated as well.

Navigate items have been translated using universal Spanish rather than regional Spanish. Many factors are considered when determining which content to translate, including coverage across grades and standard sets and avoiding content that does not translate appropriately (e.g., poetry passages or English vocabulary items).

The translated content adheres as closely as possible to the English content; however, there are cases in which transadaptation is necessary to ensure that the Spanish content is valid and reflects the principles of solid item construction. Transadapted items have been modified slightly to account for linguistic and cultural differences and to retain the integrity of the item content in the translation.

To provide increased flexibility for educators and more content to ELL students, Certica allows educators licensing the Navigate Item Bank the right to translate/transadapt items into Spanish for their own formative assessment purposes, except for third-party, copyrighted reading passages.


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