In addition to over 94,000 standards-based items available with the Navigate Item Bank, Certica introduces Navigate Progress Checks: pre-built assessments that allow educators to quickly measure student performance relative to a standard or set of standards, to inform instruction.


To support effective formative assessment, Navigate Progress Checks are designed to be flexible and modular, and fit the specific needs of those closest to instruction. Educators can modify, add, remove or replace items on Progress Checks, as well as combine any number of Progress Checks to create longer, more in-depth assessments. Progress Checks are organized at the standard or cluster level, which allows educators to focus assessment to the level of a single standard.


Progress Checks have been developed with existing Navigate items by content professionals who have experience and specialized training in test construction.

  • Available in Mathematics and ELA for grades 6-12.
  • Aligned to the national Common Core State Standards
  • Organized at the standard and cluster level
  • Each Progress Check is comprised of 8-12 items, including multiple choice and technology-enhanced items (TEIs)
  • Each Progress Check typically takes 15-25 minutes to administer.


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