Districts need items and tests to help evaluate student achievement and guide instruction. Content publishers are eager to meet this market need but face challenges that tax resources and cause delay. 

Create new items while managing existing collections of content stored in multiple locations including documents, spreadsheets or databases. Do you have a scalable process for content authoring and curation?

Align items to learning standards. Can you efficiently tag and maintain standard alignments across a few states? How about 50 states?

Execute multiple rounds of content review and approval with a distributed team. Does your review process revolve around a workflow that takes advantage of how your team works best?

Deliver customized content to different partners in multiple formats. Is your delivery process nimble?

ItemLogic® solves these challenges and lets you bring innovative and engaging content to the classroom with speed and efficiency.

Managing assessment content just got easier.

ItemLogic offers a “one-stop-shop” of test and assessment authoring, item banking and deployment capabilities, allowing providers to manage the entire lifecycle of item and assessment content.

Scalable Authoring

Quickly create content using a simple, intuitive authoring editor and blueprints. Choose from numerous, interactive item types to create
dynamic and engaging content.

Automated Alignment

Align items to learning standards for both core and non-core subjects. ItemLogic leverages the Academic Benchmarks standards database, you always have access to the largest collection of
up-todate standards.

Collaborative Workflow

Item review and approval workflows make it easy for your team to collaboration. Experts provide feedback using comments, star ratings and
thumbs-up/down tags

ItemLogic Overview

ItemLogic is the only assessment content management system designed specifically for K-12 content.

  • Author 30+ item interaction types
  • Simple item creation interface
  • Content blueprints and stylesheets for item and assessment development
  • Multi-faceted search
  • Tag content with customized metadata
  • API and QTI v2.2 compatibility
  • Item and test player capabilities that ensure content is rendered exactly how it was intended
  • Access control based on content type and defined period of time
  • Reporting capabilities including content coverage, gap analysis, content usage and performance and response information

Effortless One-Click Publishing

ItemLogic ensures content plays identically for all users – your content is presented to students exactly as intended.

Revise Content with Ease

Left an important variable out of a math formula — 100 times? ItemLogic has tools to fix widespread mistakes in seconds.

Straightforward Content Licensing

It’s easy to grant and revoke access to your item banks, assessments, and other assets with ItemLogic. Published content is available to your partners immediately.

Insightful Analytics

Simple reporting lets you capture student responses to analyze item and test performance. Use gap analysis, content usage and response information to guide product roadmaps.

Intuitive workflows allow you to focus valuable resources on content, not complexity.

With the unique workflow features of ItemLogic, item and assessment development is organized and simplified. Content is moved from concept to assessment effortlessly with collaboration and multi-level team engagement.

  • Project teams can be created and assigned specific content goals.
  • Product managers can define blueprints to kick off development activities.
  • Team members can be automatically included at the appropriate development stage.
  • Item and test authors can collaborate easily, with a streamlined multi-level review and approval process that includes real-time feedback though commenting and tagging.
  • Audit trails are kept for all content development, so you know who approved what, and when.

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