Education agencies need a better way for applications to connect, interoperate and share data – known as application interoperability. Student information systems need to share data between other apps such as assessment applications, special education systems, and nutrition systems. And educators need a comprehensive, consolidated view of district data, to gain valuable insight, drive instruction, and make organizational decisions.

Data Connect is the answer to K-12 data integration and application interoperability. Data Connect™ is the only hosted, fully-managed and supported operational data store based on the open-source Ed-Fi technology and data standard. Designed for school districts, Data Connect is a turnkey, productized ODS which supports quick adoption and avoids resource-intensive and time-consuming implementation projects. Data Connect lets districts and application providers easily manage application integrations via the unique Data Connect Integration Console.

Data Connect Overview

First Movers on the Path to Interoperability

The Answer to Data Integration & Application Interoperability

Data Connect is a hosted, fully managed and supported operational data store (ODS) based on Ed-Fi. Developed and supported by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Ed-Fi is a suite of open-source technology which includes a comprehensive education data model; a persistent ODS which centralizes data from district applications; and an API which enables bi-directional movement of data between API-integrated applications and the ODS.

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Districts: Claim Your Integration Console & Register Your District Apps

The Data Connect Integration Console allows districts to inventory, categorize and manage authorizations for applications to the centralized ODS; and request integrations from application providers which have native support for the Ed-Fi API. By claiming your district’s Integration Console even before you subscribe to Data Connect, you can register your district’s applications and prioritize the apps you wish to integrate; and view which applications support the Ed-Fi API. Districts: Claim Your Integration Console >>

Providers: Claim Your Integration Console, Review & Maintain Your Apps

Data Connect provides support for application vendors who want to offer application interoperability to their education clients and integrate with Ed-Fi via the Ed-Fi API. The Data Connect Integration Console enables you to manage authorized application connections with their clients’ ODS. By claiming your organization’s Integration Profile, you can register and maintain your application(s), indicate your support for Ed-Fi, and see which districts are seeking connections with your apps. Providers: Claim Your Integration Console >>

K-12 Application Providers: Integrating with Ed-Fi & Data Connect

Data Connect is the fully hosted, fully managed ODS, based on Ed-Fi. Data Connect makes vital connections between application providers and districts, to enable efficient data integration and application interoperability. Providers of student information systems, administrative applications, assessment applications, LMS and other apps can now offer true application integration – and a more comprehensive set of student data, to school district clients. School districts are quickly adopting the open-source Ed-Fi data standard, and Data Connect makes Ed-Fi support for your district clients easier that you thought. The unique Data Connect Integration Console allows you to view which districts are requesting integrations and manage authorized application connections with your clients’ ODS. Certica’s Data Connect team can guide you through the Ed-Fi certification process, provide technical expertise and a testing environment, and allow you launch your Ed-Fi support faster than doing it on your own. Learn more by claiming your Data Connect Integration Console, or contacting a Data Connect specialist.

Data Connect Makes Ed-Fi Achievable for School Districts

School districts are looking for the best way to seamlessly integrate data and achieve application interoperability – with the goal of delivering accurate, actionable, real-time information to teachers, administrators, parents and students. Disconnected data systems, non-standard applications and redundant information create a picture of complexity, cost and inefficiency – and stand in the way of optimal district and student performance. Until now, true data integration and application operability have been out of reach economically for many districts, and have not been achievable through many of the technology approaches available in the market. Peer-to-peer and point-to-point data integration solutions provide neither the comprehensiveness nor flexibility that districts require.

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Data Powers Your School District

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– Richard Charlesworth, Vice President of Technology and Analytics, YES Prep Public Schools

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