Districts can be challenged in their ability to submit complete and accurate information to their state education agencies in an efficient and timely manner.

Certify includes solutions for districts in certain states, to support state reporting and other regulatory mandates. Certica’s data validations and rules libraries are based directly on the most up-to-date data specifications published by state departments of education.



  • The CertifyCALPADS Rule Library pre-validates CALPADS state reporting submissions for each reporting period throughout the year.
  • The CertifySEIS Rule Library validates the consistency of student data between student information systems (specifically Aeries and PowerSchool) and the SEIS special education system.



  • The CertifySurvey Rule Library pre-validates Florida DOE Survey submissions for each survey period throughout the year. Rule Libraries are included for both student and staff data.
  • Certify Class Size allows schools and districts to monitor compliance with the Florida Class Size mandate, by viewing data about schools and classrooms which are over the grade-group limit. Student-level data is reported – in each grade group for every school, and across the district. Metrics are calculated for traditional schools, charter schools and schools of choice.


New York

  • The CertifySIRS Rule library pre-validates NYSED Level 0 submissions, to ensure adherence with data requirements throughout the year.
  • Districts in the Lower Hudson, Mid-Hudson, Eastern Suffolk and Nassau areas use the New York State Data Validation Service, powered by Certify, through their Regional Information Centers.



  • The CertifyPEIMS Rule Librarypre-validates TSDS PEIMS state reporting submissions for each reporting period throughout the year.
  • The Certify Rule Library discipline rules include validations to monitor compliance with the TEA performance-based monitoring Discipline Data Validation Manual, to ensure conformity throughout the school year.
  • The Certify Rule Library also includes data validations to monitor districts’ compliance with House Bill 5.

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