Certify promotes a daily, proactive process by automatically reading your district’s databases each night, and sending email alerts to notify district and school users about specific data issues that need to be reviewed, monitored or corrected. The following features support this proactive process:


Data Validation Rules

Certify allows for a flexible and varied collection of data validations, called “rules.” Certify rules can include business rule validations, checks for data consistency and accuracy, and alerts to ensure compliance with state or district policies. Rules can be applied to a number of business and data areas, such as attendance, discipline, English language learning and special education.


Rule Libraries

Districts can utilize high-value rules from Certica’s Certify Rule Library – a collection of pre-defined rules – and can also define their own district-specific rules. District rule libraries can be continually expanded and enriched over time to meet evolving business and data needs.



Certify delivers a daily inventory of source system data issues with drill-down to detailed records, personalized for each district administrator, program coordinator or school user; and displays school-specific and department-specific results.


Email Notifications

Certify uses a push model to reach stakeholders. School and district staff automatically receive personalized, secure email notifications each day, with a list of the rules which have detected data errors or issues. Certify users can log in from their email notification with secure password credentials, to see the record-level data errors that are relevant for their specific role.


Rule Prescriptions

Informational and instructional documents can be added to each rule – called “prescriptions” – so Certify users can quickly reference the information needed to research an issue or make a data correction. Prescriptions allow for documentation of business rules, business processes and meta data – and make this information accessible and relevant to data owners and users.



Certify fully automates the district data validation, monitoring and error reporting process. Certify automatically validates data each day and delivers a personalized Data Certification Scorecard to district and school users. District staff no longer need to write separate data validation queries, run validation reports or email reports to schools – Certify manages it all.

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