A data governance plan outlines roles and policies for data accessibility, availability, usability, integrity and security. In addition to policies and procedures, districts need tangible data governance actions that lead to high-quality data, better informed decisions and improved district performance.


With Certify, a district data governance program becomes actionable and enables a process change, empowering central office and school staff to take proactive, immediate action and responsibility for the data that they create and utilize.

Certify allows districts to:

  • Continuously monitor and measure data errors in any information system
  • Correct data quality issues in source systems, before they contaminate downstream systems
  • Build a foundation of high-quality data for new administrative and decision support systems
  • Boost confidence in data by making data quality metrics visible
  • Ensure that validation of personally identifiable information (PII) is achieved with a secure, centralized process
  • Provide an easy-to-use, streamlined data management process for non-technical staff
  • Ensure consistency of data between disparate systems

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