Data powers the programs, decisions and initiatives which are fundamental to your organization.

Managing data as a strategic asset is key to funding, compliance, decision-making and student success. Many K-12 organizations are implementing enterprise data quality and data governance initiatives to ensure the integrity, relevance, timeliness and privacy of district data.

A cornerstone of K-12 data governance initiatives is Certify™, the web-based enterprise data quality application that continually validates databases for business rule integrity, data quality requirements and potential compliance issues. Centralized, automated and designed to validate hundreds of millions of records each day, Certify enables organizations to detect data problems quickly and allows data owners to take immediate action in resolving or correcting errors.

Your data is the foundation of organizational and student success.

With Certify, an enterprise data governance program can be more than plans and documentation – it becomes actionable. Certify enables a business process change, empowering both leadership and school sites to take proactive, immediate action and responsibility for the data that they create and utilize.

Data Quality in Action

Data Quality in Action

With Certify, an enterprise data governance program becomes a hands-on, actionable, district-wide initiative.

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Certify Rule Library

Certify Rule Library

Certica’s unique collection of 200 pre-defined, high-value data validation rules ensure the integrity of critical data.

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State Reporting

State Reporting & Compliance

Certify includes solutions to support state reporting validation and compliance monitoring.

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Certify promotes a daily, proactive process by automatically reading your databases each night, and sending email alerts to notify district and school personnel about specific data issues that need to be reviewed, monitored or corrected. Certify enables significant, measurable data quality improvement by allowing your organization to:

  • Continuously monitor, measure and report on data errors
  • Correct data quality issues in source systems, before they affect downstream systems and processes
  • Build a foundation of high-quality data for new administrative and decision support systems
  • Boost confidence in data by making data quality metrics visible
  • Ensure consistency of data between disparate systems
  • Make data quality a systematic function in next generation data architectures


Find and correct data issues, before they harm your organization.

Certify allows for a flexible and varied collection of data validations, called “rules.”

Certify rules can include business rule validations, checks for data consistency and accuracy, and alerts to ensure compliance with state or district policies.

Rules can be applied to multiple areas, such as attendance, discipline, English language learning, special education, human resources and finance.

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Dallas Independent School District

“I’ve got to tell you, I really never expected how hungry the campus data folks are for this. Folks eagerly await their daily scorecard. Wow!”

Frank Tyminski
Assistant Superintendent, Enterprise Data

“CertifyCALPADS has saved us hours and hours and hours of time at our district office, and our school users find email notifications and the on-line scorecards very easy to use.”

Dale Munsch
Director of Technology Services

"Data drives our business. From student achievement to funding to program support. With Certify, we can now maximize our potential for success.”

Gary Sabia, Program Director, MiSiS
Los Angeles Unified School District

Data Quality in Action

A data governance plan outlines roles and policies for data accessibility, availability, usability, integrity and security. In addition to policies and procedures, districts need tangible data governance actions that lead to high-quality data, better informed decisions and improved district performance.

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Certify Rule Library

The Certify Rule Library™ is Certica’s unique collection of over 200 high-impact, pre-defined data validation rules and alerts. The Certify rules, organized by subject area, represent the most widely used, top-priority data validations and alerts applied to data in district information systems – to ensure accurate calculation of ADA/FTE, demonstrate accountability and maximize funding.

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Certify Features

Certify promotes a daily, proactive process by automatically reading your district’s databases each night, and sending email alerts to notify district and school users about specific data issues that need to be reviewed, monitored or corrected.

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State Reporting Validation & Compliance Monitoring

Districts can be challenged in their ability to submit complete and accurate information to their state education agencies in an efficient and timely manner. Certify includes solutions for districts in certain states, to support state reporting and other regulatory mandates. Certica’s data validations and rules libraries are based directly on the most up-to-date data specifications published by state departments of education.

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