Teachers, curriculum buyers and school administrators need to find books with very specific attributes, such as concepts, educational objectives and learning standards. However, the publishing industry is traditionally focused on tagging books with commerce codes, keywords, formats, dimensions - which don’t do a very good job of describing the content of a book.

Artifact® enables publishers to reach a wider K-12 audience with descriptive tagging that is searchable by teachers, librarians and book buyers. Artifact provides a unique book search facet that captures ideas, themes and educational topics in books, and exposes Artifacts in a range of search channels.

Redefining Search and Discovery.

In addition to Artifacts, publishers can tag their books and educational materials with the Academic Benchmarks collection of over 3.9 million learning standards, concepts and topics.

Together, Artifact and Academic Benchmarks provide the widest- available universe of education metadata tags and learning standards, and the most comprehensive solution for title enrichment, search and discovery.

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“With Artifact, Mackin users can now discover more meaningful information on book titles, and make informed buying decisions that will positively impact their students.”

– Mesa Heise, Director of Digital Services, Mackin

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